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Part 60: About A Friendly Competition

January 1st, 1987

Ryo doesn't waste time getting down to business.

Aww, poopie.

Guess that's the end of that.

Or not.

Hey, some background on the Chen's enterprise.

Wow, that was a lot LESS interesting than I had hoped.

Ryo rejects Gui Zhang.

Seriously, for all this "when" Ryo still doesn't have a clue as to the "what" this Long Zha thing is.

"No harm will come" doesn't sound like "finding Lan Di".

When an old man says that, well, that's that.

Master Chen leaves Ryo with a bit of haunting advice.

Unfortunately, it's much too late now to go to Dobuita and see any of the New Year's festivities, such as girls in kimonos. Just a case of bad timing.

Nobody answers the phone at Nozomi's. Hmm...

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