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Part 62: Seeking Assistance

January 2nd, 1987

Where else to go after midnight but to the bars?

Ryo finds Akemi and requests advice. You may recall her as Fuku's crush.

Gee, Ryo, don't get too worried about Nozomi being kidnapped.

Hey, you were right about the buses.

Well this is new information.

Ryo, you know, he just forgets he can drive. When he needs a way to get somewhere.

The Knocking Motorcycle Shop is just around the corner, so we'll head there.

Ryo bangs away.

If you're so worried about the time, why are you fully dressed?


Not one in working condition? Well, I suppose it is a repair shop.

Naoyuki? Oh yeah, that guy who claims to be Ryo's "friend" who was never home.

Yeah right, he'll probably be out or taking a bath or something and his little sister will answer and we'll never call back.

Oh well, not like there's much choice. Now just where does he live?

Ryo wanders back to the residential area. Guess that's a motorcycle.

The intercom was answered quickly. Guess they were up too.

Okay, seriously. What is with all of these fully dressed people ready to answer their doors at 2am? This is the 80s, the internet wasn't around.

Oh sure, you're friendly now. Why aren't you ever there when I call?


Ryo prepares to roll out, when...

Naoyuki offers safety tips.

...Screw off.

Let's ride!

Time to put that Hang On practice to the test.


NEXT UPDATE: Rescue Mission