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Part 63: Rescue Mission

January 2nd, 1987

Just as suspected, some hooligans await Ryo as he arrives behind Warehouse 17.

Yes, you got to rat.

Not really. In fact, I was rather looking forward to kicking your asses. Like so.


With those thugs disposed of, Ryo heads inside.

The door shuts behind him! Oh no!


It would appear so.

A cleverly disguised proposition, but Ryo knows the sailor type's definition of fun.


Through those chumps and on to the big wigs.

It's Terry!

Terry beckons to...

...a rather tall man. Wearing crotchless chaps.

Red jacket guy pusses out.

Crotchless man produces Nozomi from some dark corner.

They release Nozomi for some reason. Let's see what's up.

Ryo apologizes profusely.

Uh, okay. He just said that.

Terry is extremely sinister.

Ooh, Ryo, ask! I'm sure he'll give you information.

Oh, okay.

Aw, crap. No, I'm not going to join your sailor fun time.

Interesting proposition.

Yes, indeed.

Um... okay. You're not exactly in competetive businesses. You know, antiques... drugs. Don't see much of a correlation there.

Ryo jumps at the chance to beat on Gui Zhang.

Ryo? Taking the initiative??

Everyone is astounded.

I guess this isn't actually much of a surprise.

But some faceless chumps get a laugh out of it.

Ryo... being... assertive! And in Nozomi's presence! This is so strange!

Man, Ryo's going to give Gui Zhang the beating of his life.

Uh huh. Somehow I don't think the leader of a street gang is going to be too bound by honor.

And with that, they leave.

Oh wait, it's him again.

He leaps off to plot deeds unknown.

Won't let go of what? Who are you going to take it out on?

And they drive home with a horrible song playing in the background which is completely out of character from the rest of the game. If people really want to see it, I can upload it.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

NEXT UPDATE: The Beginning of the End