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Part 64: The Beginning of the End

January 2nd, 1987

Ryo got back home at 6am and promptly fell to sleep.

Too bad he has to get up at 7:30 for work.

Before heading out, Ryo takes a moment to himself in the dojo.

We can see Ryo is intensely meditating and...

Whoa sudden face change. It's Iwao!

Iwao does some fancy blade work while growling like something that wishes to devour your children.

Ryo turns to leave. As we can see from his clenched fist, he is ready to tear shit up today. And oh, will he ever.

Tom greets Ryo at the harbor.

You haven't started work yet. Liar.

Just the fact that he only got 1 and a half hours of sleep.

Whoohoo, hot dogs. What a gourmet treat.

Time to check in to work.

Uh oh, this doesn't sound good.

Not good at all.

NOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! My Yen, my precious Yen supply!

Ryo demands explanation.

Well, actually, it is. Ryo specifically took this job so he could encounter the Mad Angels.

Find, we don't need your stinkin' money.

Without work to do, Ryo's got nothing until his lunch appointment with Tom. This is our final couple hours of free roaming, and what better way to spend it than practicing!

No wait that sucks let's go back to town and talk to some people.

Nozomi first, of course.

Hm, actually, what WOULD they have done?

Best not to think about it. Sir Crotchless Chaps ain't the straightest sailor in the harbor.

Nozomi, asking something of Ryo?

And Ryo answers yes?

Even Nozomi is taken aback.


Encouraged, Nozomi presses further.

And Ryo still obliges!

Now fully emboldened, Nozomi goes for the... throat?

! It is a miracle!

We run out of time before finding any more interesting conversations. Better get back to the harbor, lest we miss our appointment with hot dogs.

Good grief, does this guy ever stop dancing?

Cold, Ryo. So he starts opening up to Nozomi but turns down everyone else.

However, Tom knows the secret to garnering Ryo's attention.

Martial arts moves, shown (very poorly) here!

Works like a charm.

DO we?

Oh wait, yeah, do we?

You know the drill.

NEXT UPDATE: Hanging With Tom