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by MrXmas

Part 68: Taking Down Terry

January 2nd, 1987

Ryo and Gui Zhang finally track down Terry, but Gui wants to hog all the action. Eh, may as well let him, since he left Ryo to handle sir crotchless chaps alone.


Some guy who can't swing a pipe straight, for one.

Uh, looks like we better do something.


I imagine Terry is none too pleased with the going ons.

Yeah, right.

Terry is a bit bewildered as to how to attack with only his fists.

That's not how.

Terry, reaching deep into his bag of original tricks.

Ryo helps out by calling Terry's kick.

The results are not pretty for Terry's face.

Guess he's defeated by now.

Interrogation mode: activated.

Apparently not.

Wait, he was that close?

Damn, indeed. He was within our grasp!

Oh, Ryo, was that really necessary?

And end scene.

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