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Part 69: Clear Skies After the Storm

January 3rd, 1987

Ah, it's a shame.

Ryo, running out of leads? Is it possible?

No, it's not.

Whoo, it's after Lan Di we go.

Cheesy and I'm not even really sure what he's thanking Ryo for. I guess saving his life.

Ryo wakes at 8:30 again. You know, I think he's gotten about 4 hours of sleep over the last 2 nights. That can't be healthy.

Guh, it's Fuku.

Oh look, he's giving Ryo money again.

Well, I wouldn't expect much seeing as he already donated his life savings to Ryo.

I'm sure Ryo will put this money to good use... Toy capsule spree!

Fuku bows to Ryo.

Ryo bows to Fuku.

Ryo bows to the house.

Fuku bows to Ryo while Ine-san looks on.

I think this scene could use more bowing.

Ryo turns to view his home a final time. You may notice his clenched fist of angry.

His facial expression also reflects this.

With that, Ryo turns to leave. Oh, and walk through town.


I still don't get the perspective in that last scene.

NEXT UPDATE: A Final Loose End