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Part 70: A Final Loose End

January 3rd, 1987

Hey, it's Ryo we're talking about.

This is it, Ryo's finally headed after Lan Di. Are you excited?

It's like nobody in this game ever helps purely out of good will.

Ryo, as always, being polite.

Reckless? If you think barging into sailors hangouts and picking fights is reckless, well, you ain't seen nothing yet.

Two words: co-op play. If only.

What do you mean what do you mean.

And why not?

Oh, pfft, there's the reason.

Just once, it'd be nice to have someone do something out of love. *sniff*

Oh fine, I'll shake your hand.

Sweet, new move!

Don't be so dense, Ryo.

Sacred, you say?

More tutorials...

Gui Zhang takes a fall.

Or you get sand thrown in your eyes.

Gui Zhang goes down again.

Hey, what's that supposed to mean?

Do I?

A chance to beat up Gui Zhang!

Gui gets on his back again.

What do you think?

Several hours later...

Well, I suppose that's enough...

... Yeah I just can't think of anything to say.

Hey, what's going on?

Sneak attack!

Thank goodness for Gui Zhang. Master Chen's just standing there and Ryo's too excited about Hong Kong to notice the giant falling steel beam.

They both escape a crushing death.

Well, except Gui Zhang's foot.

Gui Zhang's other foot does not appreciate this.

You know, this threat would carry so much better if I hadn't kicked your ass already.


After the fight, well, you all know the drill.

Trying to beat you up, obviously. As for Lan Di, he's long gone.

What did I tell you?

Yep, in fact, let's take a peek.

Lan Di, looking sinister as usual.

He's on a boat!

Which is going to a much larger boat!

Chai interrupts Ryo's nice vision.

I think Ryo's just about had it with Chai.

Chai leaps to his feet, a feat which I did not find interesting enough to anigif, unlike the following.

Chai makes the first move, but Ryo is all too ready to get down.

Ryo rejects kissing Chai's foot, but returns the gesture.

Chai goes low. Ryo goes high. High beats low.

Elbow, meet chest. Chai, meet ocean. Recognize the move?

It's a bit familiar to Ryo.

With all business in Yokosuka wrapped up, there's but one thing left to do.

FINAL UPDATE: Departure On A New Journey