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Part 71: Departure On A New Journey

January 3rd, 1987

I'm glad you're here to tell us these things, Master Chen.

I half expect Terry to pop out and tell Ryo, "Yeah, it's ALL your fault!"

Seems pretty optimistic.

Ryo seems concerned about Gui Zhang's injury...

But Master Chen sure isn't. Thanks for the concern, pop.

Well what help are you then?

Hmph. Sounds like more horizontal movement. I want vertical progress!

Maybe he'll teach us some new moves.

Well, it's better than nothing.


Ryo takes a glance back as he prepares to depart Japan.

Hey, a flashback! Haven't seen one of these since, what, the beginning of the game?

About Nozomi, no less.

Didn't anyone ever tell you it's rude to interrupt people during their prayers?

Almost sounds like Ryo was hoping to... nah, that's too light-hearted for Ryo.

What's the difference?

Ain't that cool?

For old times' sake, "METAL GEAR?"

Word gets around pretty fast, or she remembered Ryo's earlier boat ticket escapade.

That blabbermouth.


... Says Ryo as he stares off to the side.

Ain't nothing stopping Ryo once he gets on a quest for vengeance.

An amulet?

I wonder if it has magical powers... no wait, this is Shenmue, ISN'T IT?

Yeah nothing special here.

Except for a friendly (loving?) gesture.

Ryo's not so good at remembering things. I mean, why do you think he carries around that notebook?

Like all their other conversations, this comes to an abrupt and awkward end.

Great parting words, Ryo. I'm sure she'll remember them for a long time.

A shame, it is.

I think Shenmue has to be the first game I played where characters faces could show emotions.

Go ahead and stare at that amulet, Ryo, instead of... I don't know, anything else.

The ship's horn finally brings Ryo to his senses.

With a final reminiscence, Ryo steps off his home country and toward Hong Kong.

Master Chen watches as the ship departs. What happened to Gui Zhang?

Ryo stares forward, unsure of what lies ahead. Master Tao? Lan Di? Crates? Only time will tell.

The first leg of Ryo's journey is complete. To commemorate this a differently translated version of the poem from the intro is read by some random male voice. Enjoy POETRY!

He comes from a far eastern land across the ocean,
A young man who has yet to realize his own potential,
This potential is a power that can both destroy him as well as ensure his will is realized.
Perhaps he will achieve the balance that will mark him a man of courage.
The path he must traverse is fraught with adversity and filled with expectation.
I await whilst praying for the realization of this destiny predetermined since ancient times,
A pitch-black night unfolds with the morning star as its only light,
And thus, the saga begins...

We see the dream girl for a final time.

And a sparking star, or something, whatever that means.



...but Ryo Hazuki will return in Let's Play Shenmue 2