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Part 9: Time Wasting, Episode 1

We set out to get in a little training before feeding the kitty.

Ryo spots just the place for practice.

Ryo's mantra.


Okay, there is nothing more to screencapture. During training we learn the techniques from the move scrolls, plus some "hidden" moves. Except for the throws. We'll have to look at those scrolls later.


The end results. Tiger Knuckle and Elbow Assault used to be as low as the others. And yes, I will be changing the R shortcut later.
It's past 9, so a quick stop at the Tomato Mart to pick up something for the kitty is in order.

We get her Canned Tuna because our kitty deserves the best. Now it's off to the shrine.
+ Canned Tuna
- ¥180

Aww widdle kitty widdy. I make baby talk to my cats, real or virtual.

Of course she does.
- Canned Tuna

Ryo makes a promise before saying goodbye.

Back home, Ine-san catches Ryo trying to sneak in after being out to the ungodly hour of 10pm.

But you already are.

Ryo now has a religiously self-enforced curfew.

Going to his room to pout, Ryo decides to set his training schedule. Since our two most important hand moves (for the time being) are at a moderate level, it's time to concentrate on leg techniques.

Ryo hits the hay, ready to start searching for sailors tomorrow.

NEXT UPDATE: First Contact