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by Luisfe

Part 11

The brave Stamos enters the dreaded mall thing to find his dear mother's precious coffee. What peris await him there?

*gasp* blue walls! BLUE WALLS. And entrances to many, many places.

Checking the first one.


The next one.

Oh no! A band of angry young men!
Stamos shall obey... For now.

Next, a Survival store.

Hm. Survival needs. And the oncoming millenium. Something tells me that 199x is really 1999. Or something like that.

Stamos knows that there is no coffee in the survival shop. He stops annoying the clerk.

Hm. Maybe later. Maybe.

Drugs. Now that seems interesting.

Yeah, medicines. Let's see what you got.


Hms. I wonder what the effects of that "gayotan" or whatever thing is are.
No need for anything there, so Stamos checks the next door.

Ah hah. The Café.

Oooh waitress.

Do not be decieved by its appearances, even if it looks empty, it is full of people. They just don't appear until you bump them.

What about that Hospital?

Weird eh? That can't be good.

Or probably not.



You should. YOU SHOULD.

Just heard about it.


Oooh what a coincidence. And she remebers Stamos!

I don't trust her laugh.


That requires further investigation.

Shall do so!

Next door.

Empty and empty.


DDSnet, heh.

What any sensible person would do if one recieved a program from a complete stranger! I think.

Useful things in the SMT world. That's what they send.


Knives! Those are relevant to my interests.

uuuh, ok.

Expensive knives. Must not spend all the allowance money at once. Shall refrain from spending for now.

Antiques, eh?

Can't use any of that yet. And it is WAAAAAAY too expensive. So. No.

Not yet. Still things to check here.

This must be the crazy guy that other dude mentioned.

To what?



Copied from Wikipedia:
"In Japanese Buddhism, Gaki (餓鬼, "hungry ghosts") are the spirits of jealous or greedy people who, as punishment for their mortal vices, have been cursed with an insatiable hunger for a particular substance or object. Traditionally, this is something repugnant or humiliating, such as human corpses or feces, though in more recent legends, it may be virtually anything, no matter how bizarre.

Gaki are often depicted in Japanese art (particularly that from the Heian period) as emaciated human beings with bulging stomachs and inhumanly small mouths and throats. They are frequently shown licking up spilled water in temples or accompanied by demons representing their personal agony. Alternately, they may be shown as balls of smoke or fire.

Gaki are generally little more than nuisances to mortals unless their longing is directed toward something vital, such as blood. However, in some traditions, gaki try to prevent others from satisfying their own desires by means of magic, illusions, or disguises. They can also turn invisible or change their faces to frighten mortals.

Generally, however, gaki are seen as souls to be pitied. Thus, in some zen monasteries, monks leave offerings of food, money, or flowers to them before meals, and since 657, some Japanese Buddhists have observed a special day in mid-August to remember the gaki. Through such offerings and remembrances (segaki), it is believed that the hungry ghosts may be released from their eternal torment."

IMAGE found in Google Images

Stamos has experienced the attacks of a Demon. The city is clearly unsafe. He should go back and buy things. What should he buy?

Edit: Uploaded the intro. Boring, but eh, whatever.