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by Luisfe

Part 14


Hurr. He named his dog after his neighbor.

Time to go outside.

Oh no! A RANDOM ENCOUNTER! (yes, TWO STEPS or so out and a demon appears. Not even time enough to go to the house next door. The random emncounter rate is BRUTAL)

It is a Gedou Moryo. Could not find info about it, but found this image.

It clearly is some sort of ghost (also, excuse me for not capturing his image properly, this kind of enemy flickers). Also, IIRC, this kind of enemy does not react to discussion, so it is FIGHTING TIME! (from now on I will only post important parts of the battles, otherwise this could be really, really boring, both for me and for you, there are a LOT of battles. Demon negotiation? Yes. Battles, no. Should I ask for goon input for every single battle, or just the first time one I encounter a demon of some kind? Or what?

And so, the brave Stamos has slayed his first (but definitely not the last!) demon, a Gedou Moryo. Almost untouched (if not for the Zan spell).

What's this? A Level up? So soon? Why yes! It is a level up! And yes, it is very soon.