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by Luisfe

Part 3

Kikkoman posted:

Even though I love it to death, I haven't played this game enough to tell you how to build your character. If anything, I'd like it if you kept your stats balanced and just showed us how to best play the game. Going with a gimmick would only make the game harder for you, and I wouldn't want you to lose interest midway into it you know what I'm saying :mmmhmm:

Oh and I never got why I should put points into MAG for the main character if the guy can't even cast spells at all. Is it just for added magic resistance?

That's what savestates are for , but even with those, a seriously imbalanced character could cause problems.
INT, STM and STR will get 3 points each

What should get the last 3 points? And I think that for a while, MAG will just give magice defense.

Also, my sister wants me to name a character "Mudkip". There are more nameable characters, but we'll deal with those later. POINTS FIRST!