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Part 23

Allrighty, here's the update, longer than the previous ones.

Stamos got the upgrades. I had to grind for a while, so no choices for you while in the Hospital.

Also: Got results for the Demon Analyze program that Steven just gave to Stamos. Could be useful.

The hospital seems protected.

Automap. Always useful in dungeon crawlers (but unconfortable to use, couldn't they just assign a button for it like in SMT2?)

Well, duh. That's what mad scientist do.

Oooh, a box.

Oooh, a Strenght Incence.
Who gets to get the benefits from the incense?

Well, that's why Stamos and JudgeDre are there, right?

Oh no! Crazy scientist changes to a DEMON!

Wikipedia posted:

In Greek mythology, Dryas ("oak") was the father of King Lycurgus, king of the Edoni in Thrace; "Shepherd of the People", Nestor calls him (Iliad i). He was killed when his son went insane [1] and mistook him for a mature trunk of ivy, a plant holy to the god Dionysus, whose cult Lycurgus was attempting to extirpate.
Resisting the arrival of the god, Lycurgus had pursued all of Dionysus' followers, the Maenads, with an ox-goad and imprisoned them [2]; Dionysus was forced to flee to the undersea grotto of Thetis the sea nymph. Homer (Iliad vi) says that Zeus struck him blind; Dryas, the oak, is sacred to Zeus. The compiler of Bibliotheke (iii.5.i) says that Dionysus drove Lycurgus insane. In his madness, Lycurgus pruned the corpse of Dryas of its nose, ears, fingers and toes: the land of Thrace dried up in horror. An oracle predicted that the land would stay dry and barren as long as Lycurgus was alive, so his people had him torn apart by wild horses. With Lycurgus dead, Dionysus lifted the curse.

In Iliad i, Nestor numbers Dryas among an earlier generation of heroes of his youth, "the strongest men that Earth has bred, the strongest men against the strongest enemies, a savage mountain-dwelling tribe whom they utterly destroyed." No trace of such an oral tradition, which Homer's listeners would have recognized in Nestor's allusion, survived in literary epic.

For some reason I don't think that's right, for starters because it uses y instead of i, but eh, whatever. Google was not very helpful for me either. I fail

After a grueling battle, a battle that costed the brave brownie's life (he SAVED the lives of Stamos and Dre with his accuracy altering spells), Stamos and JudgeDre rise victorious and stronger than before. On the other side, someone forgot to use the demon analyze program so no chart for this demon. Oh well.

Greedy bastard, eh?

About damn time. He was going to leave poor Stamos penniless.

Poor Stamos. No one loves him


Time to visit Pascal's dad, to see if he can help Stamos and JudgeDre in their epic quest to save Pascal (hurhur).

So the party has to go to Shinjuku. The houses are useless, and after a brief detour to resuscitate the brave Brownie (and maybe fuse him tomorrow), they will check the mall for more clues. And information. And stuff. The stuff is important.

The questions are: Who should get the strenght incense? And What stat should be upgraded?