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Part 25

Update time! Shorter one now.

Well, that was useless. Time to head back home then.

After some random battles, here they are, all in front of Stamos' home.

The door to the room. Will there be something new there? A new email by Steven with another useful program? Another dream with the other 2 guys and the girl? Something?

Something is wrong there. How do I know? The music was different. Very different. Not the same music at all. And that's wrong.

And Dre is completely correct. THere is something strange going on there.

No one is going to make Stamos a vore victim! NO ONE! And, uh, he will take revenge for his mom's life. Or something.

Information from: translated by Google. If anyone has further information, please contribute.


<[amanosakugami]> Amanosakugami heaven searching God

  Generally known heaven wicked ogre ([amanojiyaku]) with shank. Grasping the fact that the person thinks, the mouth you imitate and/or mimic. Furthermore, it opposes entirely, (the ^^; It is abuse of telepathy. As a folklore of [amanojiyaku], the story of melon child princess it is [vuarieshiyon] to be many, but a story that has been transmitted to the Okayama one, as funny ones, [amanojiyaku] seven the morphism dropped the inside six of the sun which is with the arrow.

So... It is some sort of ogre. Okay.

At last! Access to the Echo Building!

The questions are: How should be the six points distributed (one for Stamos, one for Dre, one for MAGNUMPI due to levelling up) and most importantly Should the dog be accepted into the party?