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Part 26

Late update


Yay! Doggy!

Boo. No new Steven program.

Time to check up with the neighbor, maybe Pascal is back.

Well, crap.
Time to check the possible combinations we can have with two demons in the Mansion then.

Interesting. Any combination with Pascal becomes a level 43 Kerberos. That's a high level.
Unfortunately, Stamos' level is too damn low for any of the possible new minions, so the ones he currently has will have to do.

Oooh. What wonders lie inside the Echo building? Is it truly haunted?
In any case, Stamos' destiny lies inside it.

A new kind of demon! The Goblin!

Wikipedia posted:

Goblins are grotesque fairies that can be from dwarf to human height. Various (sometimes conflicting) abilities and attributes have been given to them. Nowadays, it seems any diminutive monster can be called a goblin

Much, much more information in Wikipedia, but eh, whatever.

Shiny jewels. SHINY.

A gremlin!

Wikipedia posted:

A gremlin is a mythological mischievous creature. Gremlins are depicted as mechanically oriented and extremely devious.

The concept of the Gremlins as responsible for sabotaging aircraft is first recorded among airmen of Britain's Royal Air Force during World War II, in particular the men of the high altitude Photographic Reconnaissance Units (PRU) of RAF Benson, RAF Wick and RAF St Eval. The story attempted to explain the accidents which often occurred during their flights.

Somehow I doubt that this Gremlin is appropriate for this thread.


Wikipedia posted:

In demonology, Andras is a Great Marquis (a Prince to other authors) of Hell, having under his command thirty legions of demons. He sows discord among people. This is a dangerous demon, because if the conjurer is not careful he will kill him, his fellows, his assistants, and any other person present.

Andras is depicted as an angel with or without wings depending on the source, with the head of a raven (of an owl according to other sources), riding a black and strong wolf, and with a sharp and bright sword in his hand, also seen as a black clouded area in a room.

So, shouldn't Stamos then have 30 legions of demons under his control now? What a ripoff!

Wikipedia posted:

Kobolds are spirits of German folklore. The name comes from the German word kobalt or kobold meaning "evil spirit", and is often translated in English as goblin.

The most common version, Heinzelmännchen, is similar to Robin Goodfellow and brownies: as household elves of ambivalent nature, they sometimes perform domestic chores, but play malicious tricks if not appeased (Hinzelmann is a particular example).

Kobold is often used in German to translate the word 'Leprechaun', a type of Irish fairy goblin.

Another type of kobold, more similar to the gnome, haunts mines and other underground places. The name of the element cobalt comes from kobold, after the poisonous and troublesome nature of the typical arsenical ores of this metal (cobaltite and smaltite) which polluted other mined elements (compare nickel).

"Kobold" is also an uncommon surname found in German speaking areas.

Does that mean that I don't need no more grinding?

And so, after an exhausting battle with the powerful demon, Stamos and his party emerged victorious (without a single casualty!), and having levelled up once more, input is needed. What should be increased?

Next update: THE TERMINAL.