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Part 28

Sand Girlfriend posted:

Luisfe, are you using snes9x? That's what I'm using and the fusing monsters screen is all horribly garbled. Is there some setting I need to change? As far as I know I have the right rom.

I am using Snes9x v1.502 or something. Could you post a picture of your garbled fusion room?
Also, any other errors you have detected ?

Sand Girlfriend posted:

That, Sir, is a Mogwai.

I know, it looks cute and it becomes a Gremlin thing so eh whatever :P

A building. I think it is time to explore.

This is what I could find. I wonder if it is relevant to this demon.

Yaoya Oshichi

Oshichi was a 16 year-old girl, daughter of a vegetable store (Yaoya in Japanese) owner, living in the district of Hongô in Edo (the current Bunkyô-ku ward in Tôkyô). In 1681 Oshichi fell in love with a young priest whom she met at his temple while seeking shelter from a large fire. Hoping to see him again, she set fire in 1682 to her own home, causing a massive blaze that destroyed a huge section of Edo. She was arrested, trialed and condemned to be executed for arson. She was burnt alive to pay for her crime. Her grave is located in a temple in the district of Hakusan (Bunkyô-ku, Tôkyô). Yaoya Oshichi became a legend and a leading character in several Kabuki plays.

What the hell is this? Some sort of zombie thing? What?
In any case, they are easy to intimidate and get money/magnetite from them. Really easy.

That's the first floor of the Shinjuku mall thing.

And this is the biiiig first basement of the mall.

The local Mesia Church.

Well, that's it for the Mesia Church. No need for their services right now.

Convenient, a terminal there in the mall, if Stamos needs to go back to his home he can do it easily from there (well, obviously passing through the lab again) and not be bothered by the military blockades.

A Slime!

Wikipedia posted:

In the Dungeons and Dragons fantasy role-playing game, the green slime is an ooze, a category of monster. It is more akin to a plant than an animal. It is a horrible, fetid growth, resembling a bright green, sticky, wet moss which grows on the walls and ceilings of caves, sewers, dungeons, mines, and the like.

In the real world, slimes are real creatures, albeit non-dangerous in nature.

Characteristics and habits

The green slime is notably different from other oozes. Being a growth, it is fixed to one place and cannot move or attack. For the most part, it is forced to feed off of vegetable, organic or metallic substances in an underground wall. If it grows on a ceiling, however, it can sense if someone passes below, and drops onto them. Living creatures touched by a Green slime eventually turn into Green slime themselves. Green slime is vulnerable to light, heat, frost, and cure disease spells.

Green slimes are mindless and cannot speak. As such, they are regarded as neutral in alignment.

A green slime will regrow if even the tiniest residue remains, and can germinate to form a full sized ooze again years later. In the Dungeons & Dragons universe, huge colonies of green slimes exist deep beneath the earth.

This kind of slime is definitely fuglier than the one in this picture.

And this is Jack Frost.

Wikipedia posted:

Jack Frost is an elfish creature who personifies crisp, cold, winter weather; a variant of Father Winter (AKA Old Man Winter). He is a figure some believe to have originated in Viking folklore.

He is said to leave frosty crystal patterns on windows on cold mornings. Those who believe in Viking folklore roots state that the English derived the name Jack Frost from the Norse character names, Jokul ("icicle") and Frosti ("frost"). Another theory is that he is a much more recent import into Anglo-Saxon culture from a Russian fairy tale. In the Finnish epos Kalevala Canto number 30, translated from Finnish into English by Keith Bosley, Jack Frost is the son of Blast, "Pakkanen Puhurin Poika" (see Finnish Kalevala). Other tales in Russia represent frost as Father Frost, a smith who binds water and earth together with heavy chains. In Germany however, it is an old woman who causes it to snow by shaking white feathers out of her bed.

Aww, isn't that little demon just adorable?

Much more awesome than he Brownie. And much cheaper.
Or was that the Knocker? In any case, Jack Frost kicks ass.

Pascal? The party is getting closer then!

Resistance? What resistance? Huh?

Wikipedia posted:

An imp is a mythological being similar to a fairy, frequently described in folklore and superstition.

Imps are usually described as mischievous more than seriously threatening, and as lesser beings rather than more important supernatural beings. The attendants of the devil are sometimes described as imps. They are usually described as lively and having small stature.

Imps are the least evil of all demons, described as dark, shadowy creatures - while mischievous and somewhat destructive; they do not go to the extremes of, for example, gremlins or poltergeists. Imps are shape-shifters - preferring a shadow-form similar to either a weasel or a spider; they slink or skitter about, running from one pool of shadow to another. The trickery ascribed to them is, generally, confined to missing, misplaced, or moved articles (socks, keys, etc.) and stubbed toes. Some accounts of imps claim that they are desperately lonely, and always travel in pairs or in mobs.[citation needed]

Some accounts of imps treat them as capable of being turned to good, because they are so desperately lonely they would do almost anything - even commit good deeds - to have a committed friend; however, it is regarded as almost impossible for any imp to fully forsake its "impish" ways.


The other Jack! Jack O' Lantern!

Wikipedia posted:

"Jack O' Lantern" is also an archaic name for a Will o' the wisp.
A jack-o'-lantern, sometimes also spelled Jack O'Lantern, is a pumpkin whose top and stem have been cut out and interior removed, leaving a hollow shell that is then decoratively carved. Jack-o'-lanterns are associated with the holiday Halloween. The term is not particularly common outside North America.

The will o' the wisp or ignis fatuus, or in plural form as ignes fatui ("fool's fire(s)") is the phenomenon of ghostly lights sometimes seen at night or in twilight hovering over damp ground in still air, often over bogs. It looks like a flickering lamp, is sometimes said to recede if approached. Much folklore has attached to the legend, and science has offered several potential explanations for the phenomenon.

Easy and awesome. They will probably end up as fusion fodder in a while, though.

Coup d'Etat? What? What just has been going on around here? How did we miss that?

Uh... Huh.

New minion.

Isn't this dude mixing both Prometheus and Lucifer?


Plot thickening.

So now Ozawa is the right hand man of the man responsible for unleashing demons into the world, Pascal is the leader of the movement that is fighting against that man and the american army AT THE SAME time and... They invented teleportation.

RELEVANT and important information. Yessir.

He vanished, didn't he?

This woman keeps appearing again and again...

And how do you know who am I looking for? TELL ME.
Or not.

Paranoid much?  Something like that happens. Eeek 

Just how common is the damn name?

Map of the area:

Next update: Going downstairs.
The plot may thicken even more.