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Part 32

Ichigaya it is.

That's the weird building place in Ichigaya. According to Pascal and the Resistance, that's the place where Gouto is gathering all the pascals (COULD THE DOG BE IN THERE?)


Wikipedia only finds me information about a manga/movie thing. I could fire up Devil Summoner to get a description, but I am feeling somewhat lazy :P

Map of the first floor.

Damn right.

Right place then.

Serves him right for leaving the party. Fool should've known that Stamos WAS going to visit the area.

Treasures are nice.

Especially when they have permanent stat increases.

Yes. Of course. That's the reason for the party's presence here, isn't it?

Yes. Goutou.

At least he is not forcing the party's conversion at gunpoint or anything. Nothing else can be done in this area. Time to search for the underground pass to Roppongi.

A harpy!

Wikipedia posted:

In Greek mythology, the harpies (snatchers[1]) were mainly winged death-spirits (Harrison 1903, p. 176ff), best known for constantly stealing all food from Phineas. The literal meaning of the word seems to be "whirlwinds".

The harpy could also bring life. A harpy was the mother by the West Wind Zephyros of the horses of Achilles (Iliad xvi. 160). In this context Jane Harrison adduced the notion in Virgil's Georgics that mares became gravid by the wind alone, marvelous to say (iii.274).

Though Hesiod (Theogony) calls them two "lovely-haired" creatures, harpies as beautiful winged bird-women are a late development, in parallel with the transformation of the "Siren, a creature malign though seductive in Homer, but gradually softened by the Athenian imagination into a sorrowful death angel" (Harrison p. 177). On a vase in the Berlin Museum (Harrison, fig. 19), a harpy has a small figure of a hero in each claw, but her head is recognizably a Gorgon, with goggling eyes, protruding tongue and fangs.

Next update: Going upstairs.