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by Luisfe

Part 35

First: A trip to the Jakyou Mansion to improve the current selection of demons.

Adequate amount of life, excellent amount of magic points, and USEFUL SPELLS, hell yes.

Acquired another minion!

The north gate clearly opens the inner area of this place.

This is clearly the Law Phantasm. Interesting.
It was a pretty hard fight, without the use of Marin-Karin, there is absolutely no way that Stamos and his minions would have been able to defeat it. It had a lot of strenght and defense, if not charmed, its attacks would do up to 110 HP damage to any of Stamos' minions. Charmed, they did 32 damage to it.

Trying the weapon.


Obviously, a Chaos alignment weapon. Stamos could use it, but naaaah.
Time to go back to En-no-Ozuno's place.

Woo! A third weapon!

Bah! Damned chaos alignment.

Gave the Law and Chaos weapons to JudgeDre and MAGNUMPI, they, by ahving no alignment shifts ever, could benefit more from them than Stamos, in my opinion.

Time to kick their asses, I t hink.

Time to see how the world looks now.

Well, at least there are still trees there.


12 points must be allocated, two for Stamos, five for Dre and five for MAGNUMPI.
How should they be distributed?