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Part 36

So the Yen is worthless now? Should've not asked the demons in the previous area for money. Oh wait, I didn't, Mag is what I required


Sure, just because it is a MESIAN broadcast, you law-abiding asshat.
On the other hand, if it was a Gaian broadcast, MAGNUMPI would be the one that wanted to hear it, so eh, whatever. Asshats, both of them.


Wikipedia posted:

In demonology, Berith is a Great Duke of Hell, powerful and terrible, and has twenty-six legions of demons under his command. He tells things of the past, present and future with true answers; he can also turn all metals into gold, give dignities to men and confirm them. He speaks with a clear and subtle voice, and according to some authors [attribution needed] he is a big liar when not answering questions.

To speak with him the conjurer must wear a silver ring and put it before his face in the same form as it is needed in Beleth's case and demons do before Amaymon.

He is depicted as a soldier wearing red clothes, a golden crown, and riding a red horse; according to other grimoires his skin is red too.

Books on the subject tell that he is called according to whom invokes him, being called Berith by the Jews (see below).

According to some demonologists from the 16th century, his power is stronger in June, meanwhile to Sebastian Michaelis he suggests murder and blasphemy and his adversary is St. Barnabas.

His name was surely taken from Baal Berith, a form of Baal worshiped in Berith (Beirut), Phoenicia.

Another human enemy. I think that these guys will be a royal pain in the ass for a while.

Well, that is certainly interesting, and at last, something to do with those gems.

Mesian asshats!

Looks like an advanced form of a Bodyconian to me. Yay for reusing enemy sprites!

What. That's a weird corpse. Very, very weird and bizarre corpse.

That is worth investigating.
Later, maybe. Underlevelled and all that stuff. And exploring this area first, of course.

I am sure that this will be relevant in the future.

Translation: "You'll need to go to Roppongi pretty damn soon".

Is it *that* obvious? Time displacement does that to you.

So: Ozawa controls the demons with a bargain with a strong demon, the police is composed of asshats. Okay. That explains the nonexistant random encounters inside this place, and the presence of the annoying policemen everywhere.

Yay for abundance of alcoholic beverages!


Since it is currently useless as currency, I don't see why not. YES.

Another thing that is probably worth investigating.

And that's all there is to see in the first floor of the mall thing. Where should Stamos head next? The upper floors? The basement part?

In any case, the party must witness what has become of Ozawa.