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Part 37

Upper floors it is then.

Nothing on the second floor. Going to the top then.

Obviously not. But the retarded cop does not stop the team either. He knows that they are too much for him to handle, and he doesn't get paid enough to deal with a team of pissed off humans and their demon minions.


Nice to see that he still has that same pose.

For being an asshat!

And with that he summons a big ass demon.


Megaten Wiki posted:

One of sons of Okuninushi. When Amatsukamis decided to increase their influence on the earth, they sent Takemikazuchi to conquer Takeminakata. They had the first sumo match which Takemikazuchi won. Takeminakata then had his arms been cut and fled to Lake Suwa . Where he became the guardian god in that area.

But then again, he is a Chaos asshat, his motivation is the survival of the strongest ones, or somesuch.

Yes, you've done it. You've fused yourself with a very useful demon (with Marin-Karin!) and caused graphical glitches. Damn you, chaos asshat.

Holy hell, now THOSE are increased stats.

More spells as well.

Cannot find information about this demon.

The DOOR. Again.

I wonder why that would be...

Who the hell is Psychodiver?
Something tells me that the answer is downstairs.

Choices, choices, choices.
What should be done?
Should Stamos kill Ozawa? Should he spare his life?
Also: Six points to be distributed, 3 for Stamos and 3 for JudgeDre.