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Part 41

Well, that looks different from the main area.

What the hell.

GOD DAMN IT. Floors. THat hurt.

Also in this area: POISONFLOORS.

Liar! Liar!

Alice seems strangely important for them... I wonder why.

A jar, eh?

Traps, empty freaking chests and POISONFLOORS. This is not as fun as it sounds.
And the damned Red Count isn't even in his office.
Must've overlooked something.
And by checking a faq quickly, I realize that I HAVE actually overlooked something.
The next destination WAS NOT Roppongi.
It was Shibuya.

NO beacause when Stamos was chaotic your priests would not give him any service. ASSHATS.


Wikipedia posted:

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Azumi-no-isora (阿曇磯良, Azumi-no-isora?) is a shinto kami of the seashore. He is considered to be an ancestor of the Azumi family. He is worshiped at Mekari Shrine (和布刈神社, Mekari Shrine?) of Kitakyushu, Shiga Shrine (志賀神社, Shiga Shrine?) of Tsushima, and so on.

Yay for recolored demons :P

Wikipedia posted:

An elf is a mythical creature of Germanic mythology and Germanic paganism which still survives in northern European folklore. In Norse mythology they were originally a race of minor gods of nature and fertility. Elves are often pictured as youthful-seeming men and women of great beauty living in forests and other natural places, underground, or in wells and springs. They have been portrayed to be long-lived or immortal and they have magical powers attributed to them. Following the success of J. R. R. Tolkien's epic work The Lord of the Rings-wherein a wise, angelic people named Elves play a significant role-they have become staple characters of modern fantasy

A Lilim!

Wikipedia posted:

According to The Alphabet of Ben-Sira, the lilin or lilim (singular lili) are the daughters of Lilith and Samael, engendered while Lilith was still Adam's wife. They are demons, with their function being similar to that of a succubus. While men feared them for this reason, mothers feared the attack of the lilin because they were also said to kidnap children, as Lilith herself did.

Upon deserting Adam and turning against God, Lilith was warned that one hundred of her demonic children would die daily if she did not return to God. She refused, and so it is said that one hundred lilin die daily.

The masculine of lili is lilu, a demon attested in Akkadian mythology. See Lilith for an etymological discussion.


Wikipedia posted:

A dwarf is a short, stocky humanoid creature in Norse mythology as well as other Germanic mythologies, fairy tales, fantasy fiction and role-playing games.

The plural form dwarfs has been traced to the 17th century. The alternate plural dwarves has been recorded in the early 18th century, but was not generally accepted until used by Philologist J. R. R. Tolkien in his fantasy novel The Hobbit. Neither is the historical plural: dwarf was pluralized dwarrow in Anglo-Saxon.[1] Although dwarrow has passed from the language, both dwarfs and dwarves are in current use. Many grammarians prefer dwarfs, many fantasists prefer dwarves.

In mythology, Dwarves are much like humans, but generally prefer to live underground and/or in mountainous areas. Some literature and games ascribe to dwarves the ability to see in the dark and other adaptations for living underground. Here they have accumulated treasures of gold, silver, and precious stones, and pass their time in fabricating costly weapons and armour. They are famed miners and smiths although, like humans, they specialise in any number of trades. Generally shorter than humans, they are on average stockier and hairier, usually sporting full beards. Though slow runners and poor riders, dwarves are said to be excellent warriors and defenders of their strongholds. Some myths and games also ascribe to dwarves the ability to forge magical items. In Norse mythology, for instance, dwarvish smiths created some of the greatest and most powerful items of power, including the magic chain Gleipnir that bound the wolf, Fenris as well as Mjolnir, the hammer of Thor.

GRRREAT. A Dark area.
Dark areas are particularly annoying, they may hide holes and nasty things, causing wastes of time due to backtracking, and are just not fun to navigate.

Fortunately, there's the "mapper" spell.

Oooh, TV wall.


Who can help us? Who is psychic?

Next update: Exploring her soul.