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Part 44

Magic it is then, sirs.

As you can see, every person except one dude, was a zombie in Roppongi. Ew, no more disgusting necropolis. OUT OF HERE.

No more barrier.

Yaaay, another one of those sewer-like areas.

Damn you for being dead. But hey! Robots!

Wait. What?
How THE FUCK is this dude still alive?
And unchanged. What?

Hey! One more demon to summon!

But that does not leave space for another human so...
Oh well.

Heeey, look who is here, the Chaos asshat.

Okay, I think that believing him would not be unwise at this moment.

Cannot find information about this guy.


Wikipedia posted:

A werewolf (also lycanthrope or wolfman) in folklore is a person who shapeshifts into a wolf or wolflike creature, either purposely, by using magic, or after being placed under a curse. They are said to be immortal.[citation needed] The medieval chronicler Gervase of Tilbury associated the transformation with the appearance of the full moon, but this concept was rarely associated with the werewolf until the idea was picked up by fiction writers. In popular culture, a werewolf can be killed if shot by a silver bullet, although this was not a feature of the folk legends. [1]

A naga!

Wikipedia posted:

Nāga (Sanskrit:नाग) is the Sanskrit and Pāli word for a deity or class of entity or being, taking the form of a very large snake, found in Hinduism and Buddhism. The use of the term nāga is often ambiguous, as the word may also refer, in similar contexts, to one of several human tribes known as or nicknamed "Nāgas"; to elephants; and to ordinary snakes, particularly the King Cobra and the Indian Cobra, the latter of which is still called nāg in Hindi and other languages of India. A female nāga is a nāgī. The "nāgarī" in devanāgarī is a vriddhi derivation of nāga: the "squiggly" and/or "cursive" nature of writing, script or code but an attribute of both snake and the trunk of the elephant.

A Hobgoblin!

Wikipedia posted:

Hobgoblin is a term typically applied in folktales to a friendly or amusing goblin. The word seems to derive from 'Robin Goblin', abbreviated to 'hobgoblin', 'hob', or 'lob'. The name originally referred to that of a specific folkloric character Robin Goodfellow but has grown to be defined as a different species of goblin or fairy. The name is often interchangeable with "bugbear", "boogeyman", "bugaboo" or "bogie", and the term "hobgoblin" has grown to mean a superficial object that is a source of fear or trouble.

Due to possible higher level enemies in the next area, it is TIME TO FUSE DEMONS.

No information about this dude either

TOO MANY ROBOTS, and ooh, an exit. Time to check the area.

Weird buiklding.

ANOTHER Mesian asshat.

I must be useless, or something, cannot find information about this guy either.
Well, there are some Wikipedia pages, but they are in a language I do not understand

Googling "Atsuyu" gives me information about an anime called "The Twelve Kingdoms". Do not know if it is relevant or not.

Eyeball with tentacles. Could this be based on a Beholder?
I think it is!

Not if Stamos and Pascal (and the demons too, I guess) can destroy it!

The hell you will. YOU WILL FAIL

What stats should be increased? Both Pascal and Stamos have one available point.
Also: What area should be explored? Ginza? The weird building?