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Part 45

Oh yeah? Then why you credit God with the great Stamos' exploits (such as killing Ozawa, etc),The party could've used some divine action from time to time! Unless they count Marin-Karin as divine intervention :V

Nothing else to do here for the moment (there are other areas in the building, but no way to get access to them right now), so back to Ginza. Oh wells.

Another Gaian assshat.
Possibly equivalent to the Mesian's Magus.

Damn right it is. The Party made sure of it.

GRARGH, I seriously suck at this. Again, cannot find information.

Apparently there's a diagram of this guy in one of the Kaneko artbooks, though.

Yay! Upgrades!
By THE WAY, the most expensive gun in the weapons shop is not very good. Single shot. A VERY powerful sungle shot, but still, a single shot. That's no good. No good at all.
The second most expensive gun provides multiple shots, though, and that is awesome.

Ding ding ding! We have a winner!

Annoying to navigate map is annoying to navigate. And with less content than it should have. Grergh.
And the healing place and the Jakyou Mansion are OUT of the main structure, in the four buildings that go into this place.
More annoyingness.
NEXT UPDATE: Goin' down. And maybe to Ikebukuro to see whatever the hell that is there and why MAGNUMPI said that the party should NOT go there.