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by Luisfe

Part 46

Short update, and very delayed because going back to the tower of the Mesians was USELESS. No choice appeared. Sooo... Back to the Mesians, then not listening to MAGNUMPI.

First: Getting a new Marin-Karin casting demon. Hello Leonard!

Excellent. Way stronger than the Rusalka.

back to the top of the Shinagawa tower:

Yay! This dude appeared!

Those are weak demons, man! At least provide better challenges!

A new demon!

Wikipedia posted:

Barbegazi are mythical creatures from Swiss mythology. A variety of dwarf or gnome, a barbegazi resembles a small white-furred man with a long beard and enormous feet. They travel in the mountains that are their home by skiing with their massive feet, or using them as snowshoes. The word barbegazi comes from the French barbe-glacée, meaning "frozen beard". Because of their penchant for high altitudes and low temperatures, they are rarely sighted by humans, but sometimes help shepherds round up lost sheep.

Appropriately, they use ice spells. They ALWAYS freeze their target.
Fortunately, with two Marin-Karin users (Pascal and Leonard), and one Hapilma caster (Decarabia), they are easy as pie and became toast easily.

And now the sealed doors in those places that look like red pipes, and in those doors there are very, very strong demons. Not yet acquirable, though.
And with that item acquired, it is TIME TO IGNORE MAGNUMPI'S WARNINGS!

Well, that doesn't look worse than the other areas. I wonder why MAGNUMPI warned the party...

Oh wait.


Wait, what?

What damned contract? I'VE NEVER SEEN ANY CONTRACT.
Show the contract, you damned demon! LIES ALL LIES.

Well... The mesians are asshats and deserve to have rain in their parade...


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