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Part 56

Points allocated.

Now that that particular angelic bastich is DEAD, it is time to TELEPORT!

Back to The Destiny Land.

And now TIME TO BUY the gun. Did not forget about it this time.

There's the Weapons shop

The Weapons salesman.

It will be good, I just know it.

The power is somewhat higher, but the accuracy is lowr? What the hell.
Eh, if the descriptions that have been said are correct it will still be worth it, anyways.

And if not, well, there's always Pascal with he GUN to save the day.

Another Teleport. Backto the Terminal.

Time to go back to Ginza.

After a little time lost in Ginza (because I forgot where the hell the Wheelchair Man was), he is located and used.

Hell no.


And that is ALWAYS useful.

Yeah, but how the hell do you stay alive?

After the business with the computer genius is done, it is time to go DOWNSTAIRS and visit the creepy old guy.

Yeah, the Mesian asshats want to complete it and summon God, the Gaian asshats want to destroy it and be asshats about it.

Thus, both asshat sides suck and should not be followed.



Ah, more stat increasing things. That's always good.

And that's new. The change in walls must mean that THIS IS THE CATHEDRAL!

And two steps in, there's a nasty random encounter:

A Vampire!

Wikipedia posted:

Vampires are mythological or folkloric beings that subsist on human and/or animal lifeforce. In most cases, they are reanimated corpses who feed by draining and consuming the blood of living beings. In folklore, the term usually refers to the blood-drinking humans of Eastern European legends, but the term is often applied to similar legendary creatures from other regions and cultures. The characteristics of vampires vary widely among these different traditions. Some cultures also have stories of non-human vampires, including real animals such as bats, dogs, spiders, and mythical creatures such as the chupacabra.

Vampires are a frequent subject of fictional books and films, although fictional vampires are often attributed traits distinct from those of folkloric vampires.

Vampirism is the practice of drinking blood from a person or animal. In folklore and popular culture, the term refers to a belief that one can gain supernatural powers by drinking human blood. The historical practice of vampirism can generally be considered a more specific and less commonly occurring form of cannibalism. The consumption of another's blood (or flesh) has been used as a tactic of psychological warfare intended to terrorize the enemy, and can be used to reflect various spiritual beliefs.

In zoology and botany, the term vampirism is used in reference to leeches, mosquitos, mistletoe, vampire bats, and other organisms that subsist on the bodily fluids of others

Quite strong, but the skills are no better than what I currently have.


Wikipedia posted:

Samael (also Sammael) is an important archangel in Talmudic and post-Talmudic lore, a figure who is accuser, seducer, and destroyer. He has been regarded as both good and evil. In rabbinic lore he is identified as the chief of Satans and the Angel of death. In the Secrets of Enoch (Enoch II) he is a prince of demons and a magician. He was a guardian angel of Esau and a patron of the sinful empire of Rome. Samael is usually considered to be the true angelic name of Satan. The eytmology of his name is a combination of "sam," meaning 'poison' or 'venom', and "el," meaning 'God'; thus he is the Venom/Poison of God.

In Jewish lore, Samael is said to be the Angel of Death, the chief ruler of the Fifth Heaven and one of the seven regents of the world served by two million angels; he resides in the Seventh Heaven. Yalkut I, 110 of the Talmud speaks of Samael as Esau's guardian angel. In Sotah 10b, Samael is Edom's guardian angel, and in the Sayings of Rabbi Eliezer, he is charged with being the one who tempted Eve, then seduced and impregnated her with Cain. Though some sources identify Gadreel as the angel that seduced Eve, other Hebrew scholars say that it was Samael who tempted Eve in the guise of the Serpent. Samael is also sometimes identified as being the angelic antagonist who wrestled with Jacob, and also the angel who held back the arm of Abraham as he was about to sacrifice his son.

In The Holy Kabbalah (p. 255), Samael is described as the "severity of God," and is listed as fifth of the archangels of the world of Briah. Samael is said to have taken Lilith as his bride after she left Adam. According to Zoharistic cabala, Samael was also mated with Eisheth Zenunium, Naamah, and Agrat bat Mahlat - all angels of prostitution.

Samael is sometimes confused in some books with Camael, an archangel of God, whose name means "He who sees God."

Chaotic, and with two Instant Death spells. Not a foe to be taken lightly, but still easily bested by the power of the oh so broken Magic Bullets.

Itzamu Na gives me no results.
Itzam Na GIVES me information, though.

Wikipedia posted:

In Maya mythology, Itzamna was the founder of the Maya culture, taught his people to grow maize and cacao, as well as writing, calendars and medicine. He was a good-natured god who was especially worshiped by the wealthier classes. He was associated with snakes and mussels. His father was Kinich Ahau or Hunab Ku. The city of Izamal was sacred to him.

He was the god of the sky, night, and day. In these last two functions, he was closely associated with Kinich Ahau, the sun god. With Ixchel, he was the father of the Bacabs.

Itzamna was the object of a cult at the beginning of each year, when a dog and a person were sacrificed to him. The offering was dropped from the top of a pyramid. When it hit the ground, the heart was torn out to make the offering to the god.

Well, if that's it then it is not really similar. Oh well.

Again, not really all that interesting, maybe those 3 would be useful for FUSION FODDER, but as party members? I think I'll keep the current minions.

Advancing a bit more...

Hey, Stamos got the old bastich to give him all the directions he may or may not need.

And that is clearly the Gaian asshat.

Facing Left:

Yeah, fanatics do that.

Blargh, ANNOYING mesian and gaian asshats.

And why would he? Opposite alignments and whatnot.

... He fused himself with a demon. Methinks that the Mesian asshat has some memory problems

Facing Left again...

And again with the Gaian asshatness.

After he says that, the screen TREMBLES for a couple of seconds.

And that was possibly the Cataclism. And thus, I fucked up, because I did not recruit the other Kings.

At that moment, the screen also trembles.

And again, I probably fucked up. That is NOT supposed to happen until I have defeated the four Kings.

Oh well, I have a savestate. Next time: Beating the other two Kishin Kings, letting the Cataclysm happen, exploring the Cathedral a bit more. And finding the Terminal first before the horrible thing that happened happens again.