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Part 3: Back to the City

Update 03

Place is kind of familiar, isn't it?


"Looks like the Nameless Shrine hasn't changed one bit. I'm sure you don't need the refresher course, Brian, but...
You remember why this itty-bitty shrine out in the middle of nowhere is so important, right? It's how Devil Summoners are able to stay in contact with the Yatagarasu. You can bet your bottom yen we'll be seeing a lot of this place."

"We'll hash out the details later... I'll let you know what we need to do once it comes up.
For now, Brian, just go."

And so they advance towards the shrine proper.

"I'd do it myself, but it's on the long list of things you can't do without opposable thumbs."

My oh my, she must be a ghost.

"I server the Yatagarasu, those who ensure this nation's continued tranquility and prosperity. You know me as their Herald.
Ah, Gouto-douji... We meet again."

"I brought another familiar face. Remember Brian? He'll be working with you again."

"We thank you for travelling to this Nameless Shrine. "

"I heard out in Kuzunoha Village that the Capital's in some hot water?"

"All is as Yatagarasu wills it."

"We have received word from the Yatagarasu that there is turbulence within the Capital."

"If it's enough to give even the Yatagarasu pause... Hmm. This is serious."

"The Yatagarasu are in agreement that a Kuzunoha's help will be necessary to resolve the situation.
Raidou Kuzunoha the 14th... And you as well, Gouto-douji... This is your asignment:"

"Find the source of this disturbance in the Capital, and destroy it."

The source of the disturbance in the Capital... "

"This will not be a short or easy operation. Hence, we have procured a base of operations for you. You will carry out this work from Yarai-Ku, in the Capital.
Specifically, from a location in the Tsukudo-Cho district of Yarai-Ku. A friend of the Yatagarasu resides there."

"As Gouto-douji has already surmised, you shall stay with the Narumi Detective Agency in Tsukudo-Cho.
Its founder has consented to its use as your base of operations. He is known to the Yatagarasu, and to you.
He will aid you in this task.
In the name of the Yatagarasu, we entrust the fate of the Capital to you.
Much is expected of you, Raidou Kuzunoha the 14th."

"I have fond memories of the guy, but I dunno about this... Oh well... I have to say, it's been a while since our last team-up. I'm sure he's matured... Right?"

"C'mon, Brian, let's head over to Tsukudo-Cho and pay a visit to the Narumi Detective Agency."

This image is out of order, and some were lost. Strangely. Watch the video.

Welcome back to the City! (Youtube)
It is now a better place than before (Viddler)
No more random encounters in towns. no sir. (Veoh)

Missing from the screenshots: A bit, but not much. Again, see the videos.

This bridge should be familiar.

This person is new, though.

Strange, giving notice to the demon statues.

Bah! There should have been subtitles there.

And there is... A thing. (See: Videos)

It appears to be a golden colored locust.

That seems quite interested in that particular dame.

And now for something completely different.

"I heard she actually goes to our school."

"She turned the mall into the police, didn't she? She's a saint...
Although... I bet she also got a pretty big reward.
If she got even ten percent of the amount she found...
13 wallets in one day! I wonder how many shortcakes a girl could buy with that kind of dough!
Now I am jealous! No one's luck is that good!"

"But on the other hand... That means there were 13 other people, all of whom lost their wallets.
13 people losing their wallets in the same neighborhood? All in one day? I don't think anyone's luck is that bad either."

"So there I was in the cafeteria line, ready to orderh, when I suddenly got a whopper of a bellyache! Of all the luck, huh?
It might not have been as bad as you think. Didn't you see the paper this morning?
Something terrible happened at that cafeteria: A cook accidentally dropped a button into the dough!
The customer who ate that roll had to be carted off to the hospital."

"Well, I guess it was a lucky thing I had that stomachache in time, eh?"

Well, a lost sale is not that bad when compared to going to the hospital.
Melted plastic OR sharp metal (or whatever the button was made of) can't be good for the intestinal tract.

It seems she has business to do with Narumi.