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Part 5: Preliminary investigation.

Update 05

"If you're stuck, you might get some helpful info from the man on the street. Just stick with it.
... These butter stains sure are sticking with my pants, speaking of. Some luck I have... If you don't know what to do next, I am always here to help."

This is new.

"I just had something on my mind. I come up here to clear my mind sometimes too."

"Guess I might as well spill it. You see, when Akane was down in the detective agency, I saw this tiny gold bug...
It came right up to Narumi, and unless I am seeing things... The bug's face opened!
I knew right away something was wrong, and tried to pounce on it, but... I barely missed the thing, and sent Narumi's lunch flying.
Oh, sorry to ramble. We oughtta be out looking for this Dahn character. Let's get this investigation started, Brian."

Yes, let's. There are a lot of people to interrogate around here.

"Wait a tick! I just remembered... Satake. He's the man you want to see about finding people. I don't know much about him myself, but why don't you ask around? Someone must know."

We ALREADY know about Satake. After all, Raidou caused an impresesion on him by being so awesome he did not take out his hat in the public bath.

There are many swords in the game. So far we only have one.

And it is literally nothing special.

This will come in handy.

"So? What did she want?
C'mon, I promise not to let Mr. Narume know you told me anything..."

"He's one of those people from the Kantou Haguro-gumi, isn't he?
The ones who control Fukagawa-Cho?"

Definitely not.

"You can see Western fashions and shoes on display inside"
Must be where Narumi gets his stuff, I guess

"Everyone's crazy for Western food and snacks nowadays, though. No one wants plain ol' fish. Maybe I chose the wrong crowd. Some luch, huh?"

"The employees are busy stamping packages."

"If you go towards Ushigome-gaeri Bridge, there's a lady there wearing an apron. She's a strange lady. If I go near her, I get goose pimples!
She must be a ghost! You gotta believe me, mister! Stay away from Ushigome-gaeri Bridge!"

Sounds like something Raidou must investigate.

And there she is.

"Looked... Everywhere. Can't find... aGENCY. No understand. I tired so much. Tired being human.
Oh... Uhhh... Like this... I should be calling you 'master'... I think.
Uh... Master! You know where.... Nah-roo-mee Detective Agency is!?"

Yeah, not going to transcribe this.

Oh my. Skill Ippon-datara. I wonder what will Victor do.

"He said he was very busy, but this case request should be delivered to the Narumi Detective Agency. So I put a human disguise, but... I got lost.
Now, though, I've finally found the detective agency. YoUuuUuu... Thank you, Master.
I'll be on mY WaY now."

"A new assignment... Well, we can always glom Narumi's case files if we need 'em for our own investigations. You should check 'em out at least once, Raidou."

"Case files are side missions that Raidou can accept and complete at his leisure. Some are interrelated with the main case. Try accepting many case files and see where they lead."
We'll be doing that eventually.

And this is apparently useless at the moment, they are Mahjong pieces. We'll just keep them in the inventory for the moment.

"There is a notice posted on the front door:
"We're closed today. We'll also be closed tomorrow, and the day after that, too.""

There's still random reacting cats around. I never knew what they were important for in the first DS.

"There's a session in progress right now."

"A girl inside is cutting ice with a sharp saw."

" My horoscope said I'd meet my soulmate today. I'm so lucky I stopped by the dessert parlor!"

"It's packed with girls eating sweets."
I doubt Raidou is that girl's soulmate, but who knows?

"And poor me in my old age... Today I misplaced my pocketbook for the tenth time."

"Expensive antique plates are on display in the shop window."

"He's run off to America to study the flickers... I guess this store ends with my generation."

"I came here to pray for success... I wasn't informed that Tamonten was a warrior shrine."

And now: Video!

There is someone there that we have to meet.

"It would be apropos to say "nice to meet you" here, yes?
This encounter with you should "spark" something or other, I suppose.
If there's anything you desire, I'd like to know. Perhaps I can provide a "spark" for you too...
What is it, then? What do you desire?"

"This is what' you'd call fortunate, yes?
I've seen that man... At the place you people call Fukagawa-Cho."

"Fukagawa-Cho, huh? We'll have to use the streetcars to get there from Tsukudo-Cho."

Oh my.

And then he leaves.

"Some guys there got the bright idea to raise a ruckus with the Kantou Haguro-gumi punks. They talked with that telltale drawl, so you can tell they weren't from around here.
Unfortunate for them that Satake targeted them right after they got to the Capital."

Time to go back.

This is strange and new! Let us peruse through them.

Oh boy oh boy! Our very first case file!

"To go to the Dark Realm, hit the Nameless Shrine in Shinoda and perform the Ritual of Entry. The Dark Realm is where demons hang out. If you're going in, better be well prepared."

Time to see the cranky old salesman, and Victor. Oh yes.

"Say... You're the new guy from the Narumi Detective Agency. Well, no window shopping!"

He is still an asshole.

These are only good for selling, and they will be VERY helpful at this point.

First upgrade, Muscle Drinks. I still don't like them.

Second upgrade, Smoke Balls. Useful if you are in a rush.

Oh god damnit.

Time to leave that place, I guess.

"We're never gonna meet deadlines. It'll look bad for the foreman, but at least we get the day off..."

"We didn't have none of these fancy streetcars. It's so easy to get to Fukagawa-Cho now!"

My oh my. Now two places can be accessed.