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Part 6: Victor's new invention

Update 6

Shinoda it is! Delicious fish must be acquired.
That, and demons. We can get demons there.

"I see Tsukudo-Cho, but... It is darker, somehow. I hope the words of a monk like me can aid you, young Kuzunoha"

No sense in delaying the inevitable.

"The water in the basin is almost completley dried up. "

"We Inari statues support the Kuzunoha clan. We are fragments of the Ukanomitama spirit. We are not the only ones of our kind in this realm. Hereafter, you shall encounter many more like us."

"Good, good."

That one was not particularly useful, I must say. Let's ring the bell and summon the Herald.

"Raidou the 14th, Devil SUmmoner of Kuzunoha, is something amiss?"

"In the name of the Yatagarasu, we entrust the fate of the Capital to you. Much is expected of you, Raidou Kuzunoha the 14th. Very well. I shall send you to the Dark Realm of the Capital."

At the moment we only have Dark Tsukudo-Cho. Let us go there.

My oh my, looks like it was a kind of bumpy ride.

"It's dangerous enough in the best of times, but you don't even have any demons to fight back with. Lucky for you, some demons are willing to talk things out. If you negotiate with them, you can convince them to join your side. That's vital for a devil summoner. Best of luck recruiting 'em."

"Begin a negotiation by selecting it in the menu at the beggining of battle or during battle. By negotiating, you can recruit demons, obtain items and so on. Not only are demons useful in battle, they can also help with negotiation and investigation. Recruit as many demons as you can for a smooth journey."

Then when one approaches the Dragon Cave, this happens.

"Really? Well, I guess it's better than forgetting your main job. We're supposed to meet Victor here, but... "

"Good memory. That'll come in handy on a detective caper.
Dr. Victor... He's the master of the Gouma-Den, where we'll go for demon fusion.
He sure is late, though."

And with that, Gouto summons a new event.

"Ahhh, Kuzunoha! So sorry to keep you waiting... But I've just put the finishing touches on my new invention! Behold... The Tesseract Box!
I just now used it to fly straight here without a hitch! A true product of my wondrous mind!"
"That's great, Victor. Now, as for that assignment you mentioned..."
"Oooh, yes! I was so elated I nearly forgot about that! I wanted you two to give the Tesseract Box a test run. It is powered by the chi eneergy found in any Dragon Cave... Harnessing it to instantly transport you to the Gouma-Den!
But it only takes you to the Gouma-Den, where the main receiver is located...
As long as you're near a Dragon Cave, you can fuse whernever you like without walking back there. And all I need is for you two to give the Box a try...
I'm content to stay here and collect data on the experiment.
Oh, but it's perfectly safe--as you just say, I used it without the slightest trouble."

"Aha! Thank you, thank you!"

"By the way... As a devil-summoning detective, you should have demons with mind-reading and transformative abilities. Mind reading gives you insight into others' thoughts, and transformation allows you to assume others' forms. Needless to say, these would be tremendous assets to any detective. If you'd like a demon capable of these things, come see me, and we can discuss a fusion or two.
The Gouma-Den's door is always open to Summoners, and I'm always glad to expound on demonology. Goodbye for now."

Well, that worked.

"So let's play along with this experiment of his, Brian."

That is a weird reward.

Let's make use of this (Which is one of the GREATEST improvements in this title)

There he is, Victor. The best mad scientist.

Or at the very least, the best currently available mad scientist.


"Oh, that's what you want to know? Very well, very welll.
I'm sure you'll want your newly created demons to get plenty of practice in battle. As for myself, I'd be thrilled to see the demons I fuse fighting by your side. So when you create new demons... Make sure they accompany you into battle."

"Ah... I only hear that question from the most ardent of fusion aficionados. The Devil Chart is a full record of any demon you have recruited, even once. With this chart... You can recruit a demon without having to search for it!
However, a fee for my services will apply. It's nothing personal, you understand.
There is one more thing... THe majority of the demons on the Devil Charts will be the ones you recruit by some means. However... My relentless pursuit of knowledge demands that I record the demons you encounter in battle as well! Though again, remember that you cannot purchase these demons until you have recruited them once."

"I see... Well, the choice is yours. I won't force you."

Not a single demon is in the tubes. So this must wait.

And so will fighting things. That's for the next update, which will be in the next page.