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Part 7: Conversation!

Update 7

Random battles will never, ever occur in town areas anymore. That is a good thing. Random battles happen in "wilderness", dungeons and in Darksides. This is a darkside, so we will get to see battles.

In this case, though, there is a Savegame bonus. Yay.
This happens sometimes.

Poltergeist starts as a shitty demon, but hey, it is better than nothing.

The darker text in Wind Sword means that it can't be used yet, because the demon has not learnt it. It will learn that skill when it levels up.
It pays to level up demons, in more ways than one.

Also, see the yellow mitamas there? Those are eskill selectors. While a demon can have 8 learnt skills, it can only have around 5 equipped skills, so one must decide what skills will the demons have equipped.

As I said before, this one is not available.
And now! Video! Better watch it because I am not transcribing all this crap. Maybe if it was a particularly humorous demon conversation, but for most of them I am going to skip.

Video! In youtube

Demon recruiting is VERY different from the first Raidou game. No longer having to hit them in their weak spot and then mashing buttons, no sir. Back to Megaten standard dealings.

And it is Onmoraki!

One of the Megaten Wikis posted:

So, ayup. Roast chicken demon. We will eventually see the Onmoraki's ingame information when we RECRUIT one of them.

Bastards want all my stuff.

Likely not high enough level, but didn't check Analyze data on it to confirm. Both onmorakis in the battle did this.

And then ANOTHER example battle, now showing a bit of the battle system, not only the dialog.


Oh my! Brand new demon thing!


Wikipedia posted:

Koro-pok-guru, also written koropokkuru, korobokkuru, or koropokkur, are a race of small people in Ainu folklore. The name is traditionally analysed as a tripartite compound of kor or koro ("butterbur plant"), pok ("under, below"), and kur or kuru ("person") and interpreted to mean "people below the leaves of the butterbur plant" in the Ainu language.

The Ainu believe that the koro-pok-guru were the people who lived in the Ainu's land before the Ainu themselves lived there. They were short of stature, agile, and skilled at fishing. They lived in pits with roofs made from butterbur leaves.

The Koropokkur are weak against Wind. Or Force. Or whatever. So let's use Zan.

It is Super Effective!

After that, conversation is attempted. It is a failure.

but hey, at least one was killed.

THEN IN YET ANOTHER battle, this one not captured on video:

When attempting conversation with a demon, you will be prompted to use one of your summoned demons' conversation skills. That is also new.

If the result is positive, this happens, it makes the other demon more willing to converse and listen to your requests. That is good.

When fusing or recruiting demons, this tends to happen. It makes re-recruiting them from the wild easier, or something. Not sure.

There are two types of floating stone containers again, blues and reds. Reds are only openable by demons. Their contents shft depending on the type of demon. Maybe also by their personality, but I am not certain about that.

Last Luck for a while, then due to votes and whatnot the next will be: Strength, Strength, Vitality, Magic.

Magic, again, while apparently useless since Raidou CANNOT cast spells, is actually very useful. It provides stat bonuses (hefty, those) to summoned demons.

There it goes.

Analyze does not require a special item, or MP, unlike other megaten titles.

Clearly, slimes are walking Magnetite bags, and should be used accordingly.

Koropokkurs are assholes that should not have refused Raidou's valuable offer for TEAMING UP.

When demons acquire enough loyalty they get a couple of important changes: No, loyalty is not really required for fusion anymore, but it helps. The changes are:
a) When a demon is loyal, it will never get the Boycott status, which is annoying and needs to be cured with a Kagura Flute
b)They gain a new passive skill. Those are IMPORTANT, and are not lost when fusing.
We'll see that eventually when we fuse a couple of demons.

There it goes, all their regular skills are usable.

This is another thing that happens when loyalty is amassed.

That, and the titles change.

From Back-In-Town to Tube Slinger.
When titles advance, the Yatagarasu sometimes send extra tubes. And that is awesome.

So, let's see what this is all aboot.

Apparently, Wind plus Frost is a valid combo.

But unfortunately, that won't apply for a looooong while.

Next: Satake is visited. Also, demon bios from the Compendium.