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Part 8: Meeting Satake

Update 8

Well, let's get back out.

"It is possible to return to the Nameless Shrine from here. Return to the Real World?"

"I see a man... With the god Daikoku etched on his back... I hope the words of a monk like me can aid you, young Kuzunoha."

Sheesh, that got expensive.

"But there's a lotta scary men there, so maybe not... Although, then again... Hmmm..."

"If you're goin' to Mannen-Cho, not Fukagawa-Cho, that means...
Oh! You too...? *giggle*"

Oh my, Raidou giving THOSE vibes?

Well, this is not the CURRENT area of target, but we'll have to see it sooner rather than lateer.

"At the time, they weren't really selling, but with everyone talking about luck lately...
Well, I'm getting lots of orders for 'em now! I guess my luck's starting to take a turn for the better."

"Well, believe it or not, I was the one that chose the materials for the place."

These are expensive, so the more we can find or get without paying, the better.

"And that's exactly why ya youngsters ain't allowed in the Red-Light District. Life ain't fair sometimes."

Well, no sense wasting more time, let's enter Fukagawa.

New area! I mean, old area made with recycled assets.

Our objective is to get inside.

"Why don'tcha ask the boss?
He's got the skinny on everything. Stocks, trading, even which girls the politicians are cozy with. A lot of interesting tid bits pass through here. You oughtta try askin' him about it."

"Why not pay your respects to the boss? He's in the Daikoku-Yu... You know where it is, right?
It's the bathhouse straight up that way. The boss'll be inside."

Well, Satake is waiting.

Raidou still REFUSES to take his hat off.

"Anyway, word is you're getting cozy with the Narita dame.
I dunno, romancin' a sheltered girl doesn't sound too bad, but that dame's too high class for me."

"Things are a little out of hand right now, and he can't be bothered."
We'll see about that

"Coming on like a state interrogator, how would that make you feel? Not happy, am I right? But then again... I heard tell that you picked up somethin' interesting from Konnou-Ya's buddy.
What was it again...? Oh, right. That smoked salmon. A real foreign delicacy, or so I hear. Gimme a taste of that, and I think we can do business. How about it?"

This is likely an alignment choice, but eh. We want Satake to help us in any future investigations as well. Better keep to his good sides.

"I'll pick up the smoked salmon from the changing room. Now, let's have another look at that photo of yours."

"And hey, speakin' of outsiders... THere's this guy what's been giving me headaches lately. This mook Tatsumi hooked up with some outsiders. He's made Mannen-Cho his own personal hog slop.
You might want to look into it. Find Tatsumi, and he can maybe give you a lead on your "outsider"."

"Under the subject heading of "Tatsumi"
Gouto added an entry about "Who is Tatsumi?""

Can do!

Let us check out the notebook of feline calligraphy.

But first "important items"

This is useful. More console RPGs should have things like this. Any form of journal system is greatly appreciated.

"""Pretty rich, coming from a man with butter on his pants... But looking at the photo, I can't disagree."

"Satake groused about him when we asked about Dahn. Seems Tatsumi's in with outsiders over at Mannen-Cho. Satake says Dahn's a fresh face to him. If Tatsumi is tight with "outsiders," maybe he knows more."

Back to the headquarters to report with Narumi.

"So, this "Goro Tatsumi" from Mannen-Cho is connected with some shady outsiders who're backing him up... I heard one of Satake's men has vanished. Careful on this one."

And then to get some supplies.

More so! Demons don't get in the tubes by themselves.

Victor is clearly now in the place where he is supposed to be.

"Do you know why that is...?
Because without them you'll neither make headway in your investigation nor will you win your battles.
Which means, you must consider both investigation and battle skills when fusing demons."

Let's see what he has to say about ADVANCED TIPS.

"Keep in mind, there are still some mysteries when it comes to fusion that even I haven't solved. The more you fuse, the more we learn! Thus... Science marches on!
Obtain demons to fuse through negotiation, or buy them from my Devil Chart...
And witness for yourseld the depths of demon fusion!
In truth, you won't necessarily go wrong even if all you care about is having "keen"-looking demons. Get your failures in early, while you are still young, and keep practicing your demon fusion!"