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Part 9: Crossdressing and Passwords

Update 9

Back to Mannen-Cho!

Well, Satake already gave authorization.

"Just be careful. We can't help you, even if you lose all your money."

WARNING. WARNING. Non-Recycled Assets Area approaching!

Ah, so that's what this is about. Illegal gambling, and... Well, you'll see.

"I need the password to let you through.
If you don't know it, then you gotta leave."

Notice, it is the same lady that was shocked by Raidou gambling.

"From the size of it, you can tell the scale of the people's faith."

"I exposed my unshaven face to him! Alas! How cruel fate can be to one such as I..."

Ayup, Mannen-Cho is the place to go for transvestites and gambling. Unfortunately, in the age the game is supposed to have taken place, there was no Abba.

"The empty donation box has cobwebs in it."

Oh my, there are cops there.

"If you're going to the other side, you'll have to take another route."

Yes, this area is ALSO a maze. No sir! That won't ever be important in the future! At all!


This way through is closed off for the moment.

"Seems that Mr. Kogure went out of his way to speak to Mr. Satake on my behalf. "

"Oh, he's the man from the Kantou Haguro-gumi who runs this town.
I just saw his son, Kenta around, so he should be close by somewhere?"

Sounds like Mr. Kogure is the one we want to meet.

Double grr.

Hm, it seems that those two houses that Raidou was driven away of lead to the same area.

"C'mon, get out!"

Another closed route. Damnation. How can a detective, er, detect!?

"is he an... Old lover?
Let me guess, you came to Mannen-Cho to be with him again...
Am I right? Well? Please, tell me..."

Is Raidou giving off THOSE vibeS?

"Even if the gods did spirit them away, there's always SOME evidence left in a crime scene...
Now it is our job to find it."

Well, the police seems to have difficulty finding Evidence, but Raidou has none when it is time to pilfer things from people.

That'll come in handy.

"You're supposed to be watching that Tatsumi man, aren't you?"

"I'm part of the Kantou Haguro-gumo. I'm gonna sure you never talk, or my nbame isn't Osamu Kogure!
School cap, black cape, and a cat following you...? Huh!? You're...!"

I wouldn't be too worried about Raidou talking about the events.

"I'm pretty well known in this town, so if there's anything you need...
Just, please... Um, if you could keep the last conversation between us. Especially to Mr. Satake... Hahahah..."

"And you've come to check out Tatsumi 'cause he's been working with some foreigners.
Tatsumi, huh? That's a pretty tricky guy you've got your eye on. That's just bad luck on your part...
That Goro Tatsumi's been coming to Mannen-Cho recently...
And that bum's getting real rich all of a sudden. He's been running with some shady outsiders and just started getting lucky at the gambling parlor. Everyone in this turf knows about him."

"Alright, Kenta, let's go get some croquettes."

Well, at least that is something we now know the password to.

Seriously, more goddamn rpgs need a system like this.

And of course, rushing into things is not a good thihng, or is it?