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Part 10: Demons being recruited.

Update 10

In this update we will give another look at the demon conversation system. It has some VERY neat things going on.

First things first, even if the demons acknowledge Raidou's hat's awesomeness, that is no excuse to give it to them to try. No sir.
ONLY RAIHO and he already has one, goddamnit.

Yeah, bad idea. Onmorakis are ASSHOLES.

Not nice.

The other one in the same encounter (since Onmorakis come in twos) was more receptive.

That makes it 3 demons, and two of them are already at maximum loyalty with all their skills learned. That means that only one of the current demons (Onmoraki) will benefit from the grinding.

When two summoned demons have the same conversation skill, they can combine their efforts to have double the effect.

It is silly.
Also, every conversation skill has a different jingle/tune that plays when they are active.

Vitality. Next: Strength.

Unfortunately, it is a single point per level up.

Oh my.

Yes, this is another "load a cleared savegame" bonus.

Four, so now two demons can be improved.

"Just talk with them. Maybe you'll find something in common."
That is actually pretty good advice.

"Through negotiation, you can gain allies and items. There is no need to weaken a demon before negotiating with it. Just be assertive when you talk to them."
That being said, negotiating in a full moon is pointless

This annoying thing still remains.

"Hm, now that's startin' to irritate me. I've admired that demon fer years...
How'd some squirt like YOU get to know such a demon...?"
And then he got angry. Unfortunately.

But Obariyon makes it all better.

Well, Koropokkurs seem to be a rather traditional sort, so suggesting the modern one might be the way to go.

"I'm gonna head home and give it a try right now, I think...
I betcha hopin' it doesn't work too well, though, eh? Ya don't want me stealin' all the young ladies...!"


But demons DO remember previous conversations, as seen with this Pixie here.

"Aw, don't be mad. Tell you what, I'll be your demon. Will that cheer you up?"

Yay, another one.

And of course, demons can start the conversations themselves.

Speaking to demons you already have one of can be useful to get some items fast. Particularly gemstones and metals.
Metals so far have no use, but there will be one later on.

When demons gain maximum loyalty, they gain new passive abilities, besides augmenting Raidou's overall loyalty.

Since that one already got all its skills and maximum loyalty, it is just fair for the others to be used.

Notice, there is no separate MP bar for any demon. That is because all skills draw from Raidou's magnetite stores.

A single application of Dia costs 10 magnetite.

Again, Demons remember conversations.


Not quite getting it on the first try, but better than NOT getting the goddamn demon (also, I found the conversation chain pretty hilarious.)

Power Chakra adds more points to Strength, as seen with the yellow bars in Obariyon's stats. Yellow are passive skill bonuses, and if I reccall correctly, purple is magic bonus (so he gets a point in Vit due to Raidou's magic)

Did I put it on Strength or magic?

In any case, when they level up, they also give items. Sometimes.

like so.
That is a metal. No use for it at the moment.

When demons gain enough loyalty, they improve Raidou.

Now he is an Initiate. Again.

"Oh, and by the way, the Yatagarasu sent you an extra tube.
Now you can carry even more demons."

Finders Keepers is a special sort of passive skill. It takes effect when the demon is summoned OUT.

Which we haven't done so far.

There it goes. Pixie has 3 different field skills, Transform can't be shown at the moment.

Because we don't have a single thing to transform into at the moment, but not to worry, that will fill up in time.
In any case, Demonstrate triggers up randomly while walking, the demon gets the sudden urge to demonstrate its skill on something (example: Nekomatas like acupuncture). Finders Keepers finds random items while walking. Eeeh.

And that is it, all demons with full loyalty.

Let's visit Victor.

First things first, and the first thing is to register EVERYTHING.

Poltergeist cannot be combined with anything at the moment, due to level restrictions.

Preta has TWO possibilities, though.

Enku, one that looks kind of like a Preta, but uglier even.

And MR. SANDMAN, SEND ME A DREAM, etc. Notice that there are only five mitamas in the skills, even if it would have six usable skills. That is, once again, because a demon can only have five skills equipped at any given time.

And Onmoraki could become Inugami if mixed with a Pixie.

It would not inherit Pixie's Dia because it already learns Dia at the second levelup.


And now, demon bios.

"It is actually a corpse that did not receive a proper burial, and shows itself to neglectful monks."

"Though they once coexisted with the Ainu, at some point there was a scism and they dimply disappeared."

"Their hunger is unrelenting and their suffering continues until they are reincarnated."

"It wreaks havoc by making loud noises and moving objects around through the air."

"Pixies are said to be at work when travelers are lost or startled by sudden sounds."

"It's not easily removed, but if you can take it back home, it will turn into gold coins."