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Part 102: Goddamn pits traps.

Update 102

Damnit, Nagi! Failing that leads to BURNING!

So yeah, the solution is to go aaaall the way to the East.

Otherwise, burning happens.

Like this.

And then Nagi's instructions do work as intended.

"You're pretty set on stopping Geirin, aren't you?"
"Yes... That is why I'm so determined to complete this process. Let's hurry."

New area, better than a platform of Shadow!

"The Scripture gave no riddle here; rather, the path was simply written plainly."
"That seems oddly straightforward all of a sudden.... What's the catch?"
"Well... I'm not sure I remember it very well... Perhaps if I walked through it, the process would make itself clear to me... Please watch carefully which route I take."

Very well, let's see what Nagi does.

Goes all the way to the east, and then returns and goes north.


Returns to this spot, and advances.

It gets kind of convoluted.

BUt you don't need to follow all her steps precisely, if the route is known, it can be done directly.

There it goes.

"Now it's your turn, Raidou. Follow my steps carefully."

Well, slightly better than FIRE AND BRIMSTONE, and fixed by a Pyro demon. Kagutsuchi works well.

Like this.

And now Raidou is covered in FIRE.

Yeah, useful. Hopefully the next time Victor requests one will be useful.


"Oh! Before I forget... I left a memo at the entrance point about the route we took to get here. The way forward was clear once I organized my thoughts on paper. But let's keep going."

Excellent, a Balm of Life. Useful.

"The Ancient Scripture only said to go straight here... "
"Just straight...? It can't be that easy... "
"I'm certain this time. Let's hurry."

Nagi goes on ahead and does her magic.

Of course, nothing is as simple as it could be. Nope.

"Well... Guess we'd better wait for Nagi to get back."

She got back pretty fast.

"There's no way the one space in front of the exit is a pit trap. That's just not sporting. Did the Ancient Scripture say anything else? "
"Oh! Come to think of it...! There must be a special theory governing the last space. We can't simply run up to it. This is another clue from the Scripture..."

"As the sun rises from the east, its light casts a shadow to the west. The path to the future will reveal itself where shadow and light converge."

Yes, it is.

"What do you think?"

Damned darkness!

Any Volt demon helps and makes everything better.

BUT WHEN GOING BACK it brings one back to a point before the goddamn first hall in the Platform.

The riddle sounds like one has to advance when it is at the middle, when light and dark converge.

But no. That's not it.

The thing that one has to do is to go to the middle, and then go to the right AND to the left. Raidou goes to the right, and send a demon solo to the left.

Not like this.

Like this.

"The "light" signifies humans who live under the sun, while "shadow" means the demons of the underworld. The "east" and "west" were referring to where each participant must be placed... So the human must stand to the right, and the demon must stand to the left"


Now there are no pit traps in the last area.

Nagi advances.

Hell yes, let's.

Advancement! Excellent.

I bet Geirin is behind there!

Oh my. Is Geirin fearsome now?