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Part 103: Geirins.

Update 103

Very well, the door is opened, and now that Raidou can turn into Geirin, his Seals should prove to be no problem at all anymore.


It seems to be that Nagi is kind of shocked that Geirin is fighting someone.

That was a Mada, I think. The Shade summoned a Mada. Neat, ghosts can command demons.
In anycase, Geirin dispatched it efficiently.

"Only two more... And the process will be complete... but... Even if they are mere shades... They are still former Geirins!"

One of those ghosts looks kind of like an old man.

"But I must overcome them... I must reach Taotie... "

He is barely holding on.

"M-My last wish... is for a moment... To be the spark... that will finish... this spell!"

Nagi and Raidou arrive just in time it seems.


"I-It's not too late! You can still withdraw here, Master!"
"... I cannot subscribe... to that theory. To retreat now... Is to accept... that my life... was a failure... "
"This isn't like you, Master! Why are you behaving so rashly!?"
"... Nagi.. And Raidou... Please hear me... There's a reason why I dragged this diseased body... to try this spell... Even if it was only a brief glimpse, I wanted to see a bright and shining future for myself... "
"A bright future..."
"I wanted... to have something to show for my life... to my predecessors... To fulfill the honorable name... I inherited from them..."

Oh no! Sudden case of dramatic illness syndrome!

And he collapses.

Completely. Raidou is not particularly impressed by that.

"I doubt my last wish will come true now... How unlucky... for me..."

Nagi decides to spring into action and not let things happen like that. No sir, she is not just going to take that standing. No indeed! Not when she can spring into action.

"Please tell them tales of how I've grown under your tutelage!"
"S-stop! You're... Not ready!"

Well, with those mannerisms and speech patterns, it is unlikely that she would have accompanied Akane on the Pattisier career path.

And that is pretty much an awesomely badass moment in the game.

"If you are not afraid of fighting a Geirin... Then I shall defeat you in honorable combat. Here I come!"

Of course, said combat is pretty much offscreen.

And she beats the crap out of the elderly/feeble looking one. Oh well.

She is not exactly unscathed, though.

"I gained this strength... from your daily teachings, Master... Master's..."

Well, there is still one of those.


"Nagi's in trouble, Brian!"

Of course, there is a Raidou there, and Raidou already beat the crap out of the 17th Geirin. Why not do the same with the 16th?

"You must carry out Geirin's will and complete the ritual at all costs! Go!"

And so another boss fight starts. General Predecessor Geirin, eh?

He sure can take a beating.

He does hit hard, as well.

WHAT why does he waste a GOD DAMN SOMA on Raidou? It was not needed!

Well no shit but it could have prevented DEATHLY COLLAPSE

I mean, that's the whole point of the Soma. You should use items WHEN you need them. Don't save them, if you try to save vial items for later, it is much easier to die in the SMT titles.

"Don't you dare waste Geirin's efforts, Brian. Finish it now!"

And so it will be done.

Hell yes.

Yes, that is the whole point.

Level up! Vitality get

And with all the Geirins defeated or otherwise incapacitated, Raidou is the only remaining standing Kuzunoha.

That is rather doubtful.

But it seems it actually happened that way! Well, stranger things have happen ed, I guess.

She did beat one in a single hit.

Oh my.

Well, that is heartwarming. Geirin the 17th's life was not a total waste.

That is, if they even can GET a future.

Well, that is the objective, isn't it? IT SHALL BE DONE.

The seal is gone. Everything can proceed.

Yeah, Raidous are higher rated, it seems.

But before waking up Taotie and facing his challenges, there are things that must be seen.