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Part 104: Death of a Geirin

Update 104

Well, now since those Geirins are defeated once more, it is time to see what's what.

"Ungh...! Oh... *chuckle*... It looks like the reaper... is calling me... He's certainly... Punctual."

He then gets up to say a couple more things.

"Th-That little girl... I met... In the Tento Woods... So she's become the 18th, eh? *chuckle*"

Nagi is also certainly beat up as well.

"You two... You're young... I don't want to see you for some time, all right? Farewell, Raidou... Farewell... Nagi..."

"Geirin Kuzunoha the 17th... We pray for your eternal rest."

Welp. He died.

At least he died with his duty more or less fulfilled.

>Nagi seems to be reminiscing about Geirin.

When her mind is read, this is what is seen.

He doesn't look any younger. He would still be perfect for an Ace Attorney title.

Oh my, Nagi in a different suit! Amazing.

"You should go home. There are dangerous demons lurking about... "

Oh, so she saw the Moh Shuvuu.

Girl with blue eyes: "Did you kill her? Are you going to kill me too...?"
"... Don't worry. I'm not going to kill you. Have you become lost? If you are in the process of going home, I can take you there."

Blue-eyed girl:"They pick on me... because my eyes are different. "
"Where are your mother and father? I assume they're worried about you..."

Bad Geirin! How could you be so insensitive! You surely knew all already!

Oh, so... He was also hurting by then?

And then he recovers.

"If you have nowhere to go... I'd like you to come with me."

"I see a future in you... Your ability to see demons without any formal training... Theoretically, you hold great potential. Perhaps if you grow up to do great things someday, then I will be remembered as your master... Hah. Such a selfish theory... Forget it."

He is certainly pleased by the prospect, though.

"Would you like to become a devil summoner and command demons?"

Blue-eyed girl:"But does that mean I can make lots of friends? With... demons? I can make friends if I go with you...?"
"*Chuckle* You continue to surprise me."

And then Geirin summons the High Pixie we saw earlier.

Oh my. So that explains how Nagi was so weak yet was using a level 48 demon.

Geirin DID go to train to America, yes.

Which explains why his moves reference westerns. He was training in America in the time of the Old West/western movies. Or something. Cowboys. Yes.

"My name is Geirin... Geirin Kuzunoha. I would like to hear your name..."

Wait what.

"Very well, then... Like a place with no winds... A calm sea... It brings peace and comfort to the people. In hopes that you will one day become a Devil Summoner... "

So it was not her orginal given name.

Well, that was a nice flashback.

And Gouto washes himself.

"And I know it's not the greatest time to spill it, but would you mind hearing me out? Alright... sorry about this. Whenever a member of the Kuzunoha clan violates clan law... The sentence is called "Gouto-douji.""

"To receive the Gouto-douji means that I surrender my body to live merely as a soul... And that I must live out the sentence as a mentor to the Kuzunoha devil summoners. As a sould, I can't die. For hundreds of years, all I can do is abide by the sentence of Gouto-douji. It's been difficult... And sad... Watching all my successors pass away, one by one. If the true purpose of the sentence is to force me to bear that sadness for eternity... Then it's pretty much the cruelest sentence you can come up with."

Poor Gouto, eternally a cat, and eternally doomed to see his descendants, symbolic and otherwise, die. He is just like Mr. Binx from Hocus Pocus.
Only with less Bette Midler, I guess.

Well, let's open it(In the next update)