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Part 105: Taotie

Update 105

In this update the door that is sealing Taotie is finally opened.
And it is here on video.

That is the great evil Taotie, sealed by Geirin Kuzunoha the 1st after being used to fix a cockup done by Luck Locust infestation?

Well, that is kind of anticlimactic.

Demon: "But first, my congratulations on reaching thus far. I am the dark god Taotie."

Taotie: "To reward this bravery, I shall join the ranks of thy demons. Oho...? Those clear, shining eyes... Thour art an honest man, I can tell. "

Taotie: "Yes..."

Taotie: "The path to reach me is meant to try the caster's determination. It tests whether or not the Devil Summoner is suited to protect the citizenry's future. Geirin Kuzunoha the 17th... Thou hast fallen, but I witnessed thy determination. It was easily the equal to thine predecessors who came to command me in days past."

Well, it is official now. Taotie has recognized Nagi as the 18th.

I wonder if there was a backup one, or if the name would have been passed to another summoner from the Kuzunoha place of origin after a series of tests, as it seemed to happen to Raidou at the beggining of the previous game in case there was no suitable apprentice to the 17TH.

Taotie: "Let us go hence, Raidou. We must hurry, for the sake of all living beings... Never fear. I know what must be done... My apologies... It has been some time since a warrior worthy of commanding me has arrived. The spell we will perform uses the caster's Magnetite as a power source... I will feast on thy Magnetite as sustanance for my space-devouring spell."

Taotie: "Thereby bringing it into contact with the Pojitrawhn. It is this spell that was passed through the generations. The first step is to visit the location of the Pojitrawn; Tsukigata mansion. Let us hie to the Tsukigata home without delay! And Raidou... I tend to have little control over my appetite, so I hope thou hast come prepared."


Yeah, for being one of the 4 ancient evils, and likely one of the seven deadly sins inprisoned on Shazam's cave mountain thingie, that's not particularly imposing.

And that crater is strange, yes.

Huh, Apollyons working on the Pojitrawn?

This is the most ridiculous thing I've seen in this series.

SHEEPDEMON. Being carried in a piggyback fashion.

The Apollyons are still hard at work there.

And the casting of the secret spell starts.

Magnetite is green!

Well, that is slightly more ominous-looking.

And Gouto can't see it.

That is certainly a bunch of the boxes. Doesn't that make Narumi a big target for the Apollyons?

Oh. Something happened.

It's almost as if it was being drawn somewhere else.

They did it!

But it wasn't without a price, of course. Raidou is COMPLETELY exhausted.

And the Gate is finally over Tsukigata Mansion.

Welp, that is now a problem for Geirin.

That must've been unexpected for the Apollyons.

Even the cows are affected by that event.

The giant ball of good luck is going to intersect the giant ball of BAD luck. Hopefully that won't cause a horrible explosion, butthe crater there seems to indicate such a thing happening. That is not good.

Hell yes, it is working!


... I claimed victory too early, didn't I?



Well, at least it is not floating anymore.
That is progress, isn't it?

Immediately after that, Raidou faints.

Oh boy.

Gloomy sort of fella, isn't he?

So, this time not to the title, but to the person who bears the title?

That doesn't sound ominous, not at all.

Seems he is a rather pessimist person.

Oh, so... That is the mask used for protection in Tsukigata?
So the mask is the actual god as well? Well, that is interesting.

In other news: Tsukigata Mansion destroyed by giant holey sphere that looks a bit like the opposite of the golden balls in Shinado's interludes.

This took entirely too long.