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Part 107: Shared dreams?

Update 107

Someone is waking Raidou up.

Someone who is rather worried, it seems.

Oh, it is Akane.

"You had a dizzy spell and passed out. Nagi carried you back here. Tsk... I warned you. You're still recovering... Don't go doing things like that. "

Oh boy, that is because Dahn is very much a Chaos Asshole.

"Um... Raidou? There's something I want to ask... A long time a go, I told my brother I wanted to become a patissier. But doing somehting like that professionally isn't easy, is it? No matter how hard you work at it, you still have a certain level of natural ability... And luck, too."

"Well... It was something that I knew I'd be able to do. To help the village. I've thought about that more lately... My reasons for going through with it. And the question I had for you was about that... What's the best way to prepare for the future? To work yourself to the bone, betting on your own potential? Or is it to know one's limits... And find a role safely within those boundaies? "

Well, this Raidou in particular is a self improver. And a chaos jerk.

"You've got strength inside. You're... Just like my brother... I can't make myself see things that way..."

"... Hm? "

"Those voices outside... They sound like Father and the villagers. Has something happened? Oh, I'm sorry... I'm supposed to be taking care of you. You just woke up... Won't you have some tea?"

"Sorry for all my rambling about the future. I know you're trying to recuperate... But I do feel a little better, talking to you...
Oh yes, how do you like your tea? Piping hot, or merely lukewarm?"

"Then I'll go see you off... I wouldn't want you to slip and fall down the stairs. It would only take a moment to ruin your health again."

Thus Akane proceeds to escort Raidou out of the hotel.

Villager #1: "Well, speak o' the devil... It's Akane. We were just talkin' about yew."
Villager #2: "We were discussin' this village's future and we thought yew might wanna know what the score is."
Villager #3: "Yew must've seen the monster already, right? Lord Shinado's angrier'n a nest fulla hornets. We heard his voice."

Well SHIT. It seems Shinado talking to Raidou and being all cryptic AND menacing was not something exclusive to Raidou.


Yes. That.

Well shit. This is not ominous at all, no sir.

"For the future of Tsukigata Village, and for Lord Shinado... We must bring everyone together."

Villager #1: "We need Akane to... Hmhm... To do us a li'l favor..."

Oooh... kay?

Yeah, they lost me there.

Villager #2: "Chief... What we said before, that was just speakin' hypothetical. No need to get riled. Anyhoo, chief, that big black sphere that fell on Tsukigata Mansion... We gotta do something' to move it or break it or whatever. Just keep it away from us, y'know? Why don't we go discuss this over at Tsukigata Mansion together, huh?"

This is just going to go all Wicker Man on us, isn't it?

"I got a message from Narumi that he and the others will be arriving around noon today. The plan was to meet the mat the bus stop and pick them up there... But as you can see, I have some business to take care of. Would you mind picking them up instead? They'll probably arrive at the bus stop before long."

" Your wounds still need time to heal. Don't put too much stress on them. Say hi to Narumi and the others for me when you meet them at the bus stop..."

Everything is more or less back to normal now. That is a good thing.

Traveling scholar: "My name is Yanagita. I'm a folklorist from the Capital."

Yanagita: : "Let me guess... Your meeting with the traveling folklorist Yanagita is a very special moment for you... And you'd like a photograph of me to commemorate the occasion. Go right ahead! I'm used to this sort of situation. Did you know that some believe being photographed causes you to lose your soul? It's only a superstition... "

Satake will be pleased. And in a while, Yanagita won't be.

Hell yes.

Well, that's material for a case file done.


And now let's see this. All the case files in 1 to 6 have been succesfully finished.

Yeah, why not?


And our first case file 10 quest!


That will have to be done later on. Notice the quest requester.