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Part 108: Nothing ominous here, no sir.

Update 108

"A lot's happened since he was away, so explaining the situation to him might take a while..."

Since we are going to traverse the town to see Narumi, let's see what is going on with the inhabitants.

Inner voice:"Akane came back to the village after the Marriage Ritual for some reason... Weren't Lord Tento satisfied with her? Hey.. They say Lord Tento only accepts a pure gal as his wife... Th-That mean Akane weren't pure when she got hitched!?"

Well, that is not a good thing to be thinking about Akane.

Girl with tied hair:"My mom and dad want someone to die..."

Kerchiefed girl:"They were talking about executing someone... It sounded reeeeeally creepy..."

Well, they must be talking about someone else right? Yes, they must be talking about sacrificing the old man's cow. That makes sense. Yes.

Inner voice:"The Tsukigata family better get their priorities straight! Ooohhh... Ah can't stand it no more... I'm madder'n a wet cat!"

Yanagita:"As you may have deduced, I'm here togather evidence to support my hypothesis. Though it's not so much a hypothesis as a wild guess, to tell the truth... I'm hoping to find at least a scrap of material I can connect with that ancient civilization."

Energetic villager:"Ah'm sorry 'bout Mr. Geirin. Sorry we couldn't help yew fight them locusts, too. Us Fukoshi didn't stand a chance against 'em... Ah'm ashamed that ah wasn't strong enough to fight with yew... Makes a man wish he could just disappear into the floor."
Inner voice:"God damn them devil summoners! Yatagarasu gives 'em everything! We coulda beat them locusts, but the devil summoner just had to steal our thunder! The 8th Fukoshi clan lost its chance to shine... goddammit! This is all because of the chief... It's that Akijiro's fault!"

Fearlessly smiling villager:"Well, might as well liste to me jabber a bit, eh? Too bad about the village comin' under attack from the locusts earlier... But at least Akane made it back to the village safe and sound. Y'know... There's a legend in this village. Says if someone abuses them luck locusts... A catastrophe'll fall from the sky. Them locusts must've been that catastrophe... Gotta thank Dahn for bringin' the luck locusts to the Capital... If he hadn't done that, Akane woulda never come back to Tsukigata. Ah wonder... If Narita had known about this 12 years ago..."

Seeing his tremendous regret over his inaction, one would assume so.

Bloodshot-eyes woman:"Is that the "Ma in the sky" that the insects're singing about? THe sphere is calling us... Huh? Can't you hear their voices? Maybe the people at the bus stop were called by the sphere..."

Well, we finally arrived to the bus stop, and we only saw hints that they were going to slaughter a cow and that Akane is thought as not having been pure when she wed the Tentos. Yeah, nothing bad about that at all, no sir.

Meanwhile, the three that arrived from the Capital are beholding the giant black ball.

Yes, it is.

"Wasn't Tsukigata Mansion there? I hope Akijiro and Akane are okay..."

Dahn is kind of weirded out.

And Raidou arrives.

"Did you come to pick us up? I thought Akijiro was supposed to come out..."
>Raidou explained the circumstances to Narumi

Nice fakeout, there.

"I don't mean to be the wet blanket here... And I'm glad Akane's safe, but... Apollyon did come to Tsukigata, and that black sphere's still there... We're definitely getting hit with one unlucky break after another... But we can't let it get us down. We've gotta keep our heads high for Tsukigata Village's sake. Right, Dahn?"

"Right, Tae... Exactly right. I'll see you fellas later... I've gotta go now. Need to see what's up at Tsukigata Mansion. "

"I've gotta see them first and apologize. I'll do whatever it takes to make 'em forgive me... Thanks for the lift from the Capital, Narumi and Tae."

"Think I'll tag along to Tsukigata Mansion with you... Moral support and all that."
"Plus, I can't wait to get a load of that giant black sphere up close! In fact, uh, that's my real reason for going... I can still come, right?"

"Am I wrong, Narumi? "
"Nope. When Tae decides something, she decides it for everyone. Just think of it as more bad luck for you... "

Dahn backs up.

Apparently not.

And they start to leave to go towards the village.

"Look at 'em, lost in their own little worlds. I hope they could hear me... Alright, let's go to the Fukuroku Inn. I wanna put my feet up. And I've got a few questions for you, too."

Ah, there it is.

"... It looks like you've been through... Well, quite a bit. First off, let me say "good work." Akane called, and I got the gist of it from her."

"Thanks to the Kuzunoha Devil Summoners, the Gate to the Abysmal Realm over the Capital is gone. I left the Capital as soon as I got Akane's call, so I don't know the details, but... The Capital seems safe. THough I heard you passed out... If Akane's feeling up to it... I'd like to reunite her and Dahn. Tae and I convinced him to come back to Tsukigata Village. "

"On the way here, I took a little snooze on the train. And I had the strangest dream..."


Welp, it's not just the villagers then.

Confirmed. Shit got ominous.

I wonder, did Gouto see Sinado in the mask as a CAT in the mask, or as his original, human form with the mask?

Cat notebook

Well that is perfectly understandable.

And then an interruption.

Well, Narumi did scream at her that they were going to be at the Fukuroku Inn.

Oh boy.

Oh boy.

We shall find out in the next update, surely.