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Part 109: Psycho Apollyon?

Update 109

And the readiness is now filled so OUT.

"There's a common thread running through all the stories we've heard about people's experiences... First, when Shinado appears in a person's dreams, it borrows the dreamer's form to speak. Second, each Shinado-form of the dreamer talks about there being no hope for the future..."

So let's head to the forest. Yes, I decided to use the dragon for a 2 second walk. IT IS A FUCKING DRAGON.

Huh. That's new.

Let's see what is causing that.

"Dahn! Get back! There's something wrong with those people!"

Not really apparent from this particular picture, but the villagers are sporting Shinado masks.

Raidou and Narumi casually stroll into the place.

"Narumi! Raidou! I'm glad you're safe... Dahn and me were on our way to the Tsukigata mansion when this mob of villagers ganged up on us.. That man... he attacked Dahn out of the blue! "

And now it is pretty damn apparent.

"Wh-What's going on?"

Village Man: "Tsuuuuuuuuuukkiiiigaaaaataaaaaaaaaa! This is yer fault... Yew messed up the Marriage Ritual! Lord Tento got angry... He told Lord Shinado on us! Them giant locusts were a punishment from Lord Shinado! "

Village Woman: "He said, "The Tsukigata clan will destroy your future"... Lord Shinado was furious!"

"That dream of Shinado... It's the same one I had..."

Village woman: "Ever sinc e yew came, it's been one thing after another for our village! Yeah, that's it... It's 'cause we let outsiders in... "

Village man: "That Tsukigata girl... Yer Akane's guests, right? "
Village woman: "Aaaah... Yew see that? The Tsukigata family was the spark again! Ah... Ah just realized somethin' horrible! The folks who made Lord Tento mad and the ones who let them outsiders into the village... It's all the Tsukigatas' fault! So long as they're alive... Lord Shinado'll be furious..."

Village man: "If'n we don't execute 'em... Lord Shinado's gonna punish us too!"

Village man: "N-No time to waste... We've gotta tell the others!"


Too late!

He runs after the villager.

She's got a one-track mind, doesn't she?

No, it's not her head that's exploded.

Oh boy.

No shit.


Oh my.

It's a fucking gigantic Apollyon.


The Apollyon is speaking with the woman's voice.

Psycho Apollyon

Killing people doesn't seem like the best course of action to see the future.

But hey, it's another goddamn Apollyon. Let's deal with it.

Have I mentioned that I LOVE Wind Cutter?

That's a strange roulette. Raidou being badmouthed can lead to demons getting into a boycott state. Annoying.

I have no idea what this one does.

And then in another one.

Oh my.

Oh my.

That could've been worse.

Not too much damage, and it hurt itself. Good thing.

Yeah, as easy as a regular Apollyon.

"Oh! That woman...!"
"I'll go and check on her."

"What was that... thing?"

"You do? C'mon, Tae... Out with it. "
"Remember, Raidou? I told you about it before at the Fukuroku Inn. That excerpt from the Ancient Scripture I pointed out... "

"Now to getr what it meant by "turn to demons"... It's about blaming other people. When our anxiety becomes too much for us to take, we start projecting it onto others... It's not our most flattering trait, but it's a weakness we all have. I can think of lots of times I've been guilty of it. Can't you?"

"It goes futher than that... The idea of blaming everything on your own bad luck... That's pretty much the same thing that Tae was talking about."

"Was it me, or did it speak in her voice? I guess that means... That figure... It's like the mbodiment of her weak heart, lashing out at others... And that's what I think the Ancient Scripture meant by "turn to demons"... It said that in the Sengoku Era... The Gate to the Abyss opened over Tsukigata Village and it got attacked by the Apollyons. When the Tsukigata villagers gave up on their future... their anxiety turned them into "demons"!"

"The demons we have to destroy are coming from the hearts of the people we have to protect."

"Won't it be dangerous for him to go there? That's where the huge mob of villagers is gathered... Are they going to be able to keep their heads? I'm getting worried..."

Yeah, she is alive.

But empty? Hm.


Meet Kageboushi! The Fiend for the seventh chapter! There are three variants of him. But only one that has been encountered so far in this playthrough.

Smiling and talking? Yeah, that is not Raidou.


This is the Sword variant.

He hits hard, and shares some moves with Raidou, such as the roll.

This is the sword variant's most annoying attack. It looks like a MarinKarin, with the pink aura and all, has a huge area of effect, and if it hits a summoned demon it will do exactly what it says.

Wind Cutter is not his frailty, but it is a goddamn awesome spell.

And when he loses this happens.

He gives a shitload of xp and money.

But since the first one did not drop the item I want...

Let's summon then a demon that has Desperate Power. Kageboushi is kind of unique in that way, once beaten, he has a chance to appear again on any new moon. So let's use Thor with his innate fiend rate encounter boost.

And to get to the New Moon, one of this will work.

Afterwards, when the new moon arises, an Attract Water is to be used.

And voila! New Kageboushi.

After seven reloads for that single one, this is acquired.

Now I need to get another.

Ayup. After that, maybe Dahn will be followed.
Or maybe before getting another Aletia. Hms.