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Part 11: Meeting Goro Tatsumi

Update 11

Fusion time!

Let's get this Sandman.

Video! In youtube.
And Viddler.
And Veoh.

"If a victim resisted, he would sit on their eyelifs and force them to sleep."

That, and being a fucking nightmarish thing in a stop motion video I saw once on MTV.
Link that thing

And then, not on viddeo, let us get the Inugami as well. Both will be useful, eventually.

Tubesock long dog thing that is also transparent, it seems.

Hahaha what.

Victor still has the exact same contraption.

It still fuses them with the POWER OF ELECTRICITY.

Victor is goddamn awesome.


Hooray. Why would a dog spirit have a business card, I have no idea.
Now, would its business card crush Patrick Bateman? We will never know.

When you fuse demons, you get to choose what passive skills it will inherit, but the ones that you don't choose are not lost, they can be selected in the next fusion, which will have more passive ability slots.

"Dogs were once commonly sacrificed to create curses on others. This practice gives birth to an Inugami."

And getting the Pixie back because we'll need her.

Not many at all.

Another level up for Strength. Lowest stat is Vit, but there will be another Strength level up before a point in Vit is used.

Our business in this area is done.

That is what Finders Keepers does.

That amount of money is still pretty sufficient for all our needs. But hopefully we will be able to increase it.

The password is now known.

"Hmm... Guess you're no regular student.
Alright, go on through."

And that is exactly what is to be done.

In the northern room, nothing interesting.

BUT on the southern one, success.

"You came about the thing, right?
What connection did you use?
It took me weeks to get a meeting with him."
I have no idea about what he is talking about.

"See that guy in the blue suit? He's the one you want.
Now, get outta here. I need to focus on this next hand."

"Oh, well, it's completely false, but hear me out...
They're saying Tatsumi wins so much because he's in cahoots with us.
I'd help Mr. Satake if he needed, but Tatsumi? No way.
Tatsum's luck is the real deal. His luck is pretty annoying."

Well that is interesting.

Well, let's face the man.

"Well... Enjoy your field trip!"

"Well, that's a bit rude, but...
I guess I should be honored that such a young kid's taking an interest in me... I'm Goro Tatsumi."

"I've changed my mind. Get that photo outta my face."


"That's probably smart. The result's gonna be the same no matter how many times you try it.
I'm so lucky it's scary. Jealous?
... Damn, that felt good."

"I-I don't know him... Nope. Never met him.
A bumpkin like that..."

"I'd wager this Tatsumi knows more about Dahn than he's letting on...
But he won't spill it willingly, that's for sure.
Even if we ask him straight out, he'll just feed us a line. So...
Bring out one of your Pagan-order demons and use its mind-reading ability to hear Tatsumi's thoughts.
Lucky for us, you already have a Pagan-order demon, Brian.
Have it step right up and use that mind-reading ability to get a peek inside Tatsumi's skull."

"If you don't have a demon summoned who has the appropriate ability, a "?" will be displayed. Gather demons in the Dark Realm. Find one with the Read Mind ability."

Let's get the Sandman out.

Inugami could be an option as well, but Sandman will be the one chosen.

And there it goes.

"Maybe... When I got drunk, I blabbed...!
C-Can't be! There's NO way this kid knows about the insect!"

"We caught him in an outright lie, and he's thinking about some bug?
Something's fishy here..."

Oh my. He runs.

I wonder what that says. We'll check that out in the future.

"I'll go with you. Let's catch Tatsumi and make him spill the beans about Dahn."

And by the future I meant now.

"Tatsumi swore up and down that he didn't know a Dahn, and then called him a 'bumpkin.' Funny, that.
After denying the obvious, he beat feet when we asked about the bug, baking him our best link to Dahn."

"He said he had the merchandise... What happened between you and him?"

"I was SO close to finally getting one of those insects, and this kid had to ruin it. Damn my luck!"

"It's strange Mr. Satake would allow a young kid into the gambling parlor.
Maybe he knows this kid can mess with Tatsumi.
That's how skilled Mr. Satake is. That Tatsumi relies on luck, not skill."

"I think that Tatsumi fellow's goin' out with the dealer... That's the only explanation.
Then again, I thought that Tatsumi was the type that didn't like women..."

"Nice going, kiddo."

Let's run after him. we need the info for the case!

Oh my, he controls the other assholes in this area.

"It's about time we put your demon's Transform ability to work.
Tatsumi said not to let anyone but him pass, so if we transform into Tatsumi, we're on easy street."

"The skill requires a lock of hair from the one you wish to transform into."

"You just wait here. I'll be back in a flash."

And Gouto, once more, springs into action.

And then, comes back.

"If you don't have a skill-order demon, we'll have to go get one.
We can recruit one in Dark Tukudo-Cho, or fuse one at Victor's place.
Let's see how you do, Brian."

Hooray, we have the first transformation form.

Welp. Raidou has a better hat in his normal form.