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Part 110: Leaving Dahn to fend for himself is a good idea.

Update 110

First let us update our list of case files. Generally they are acquired by talking to the bartender, or going to the Nameless Shrine. Let's see if there is something new.

blond-av"We shall meet again after this is all finished. I hope to see you soon..."

Meanwhile, conversations have changed.

Cackling woman: "But then a masked man in my dreams told me, "no one has a future"! You see? We're none of us going to live to see tomorrow... We're all going to die...!"

And then she gets a Psycho Apollyon behind her. But not as a battle.

So yeah.

Sharp-eyed boy: "These golden grasshoppers... All over the Capital... But... It's weird... The grasshoppers are in the city... But at the same time, they're not. How can they be here and someone else at the same time?"

This one is just plain silly.

Spirited man: "Between the riots breaking out all over the Capital, and the Narumi Detective Agency standing emptry... Well, I thought maybe... You'd been hurt or somethin'. By the way... Don't tell me you're still working, even at a time like this!"

Spirited man: "Even now, eh? Well, just be careful out there. The lady at Mannen-Cho, those foreigners at Harumi-Cho... Anyone who stands out is likely as not to find themselves the target of a lynch mob. And I'm afraid both you and Narumi fit that description to a T, so be careful, all right?"

"We should hurry..."

Let's see what is here.

Satake wants to get pictures of a movie star? Hms.
Let's do this once for now.

She is here.

And there are posters for the film!

Oh my.
That may or may not be slightly anachronistic.

Woman in Western Clothes: "Well, well... I guess some students are devotees of the cinema. It's true. I am the actress Chieko Kujo And I do appreciate my fans!."

Chieko Kujo: "When I'm in front of a lens, I just feel so... Fulfilled. Yes... As an actress, my life's work is to bring dreams to life. But mind that camera! I'll be cross if you make me look weird. Try to capture my best side, please."


Money money money. 12k is not bad for a single picture. It shall be repeated. Eventually.

It can be repeated.

Another easy one.

This one will have to wait a while.

Did I idiotically SELL this goddamn thing? Agh. God damn.

Oh, no, it just can be repeated. The money in it is worth it.

Let's see what is needed to fix this.

Going back to that shrine.


MOre goddamn stickers. Excellent.

And after visiting the Shrine once more, to get more quests, this is unlocked. Hooray! Another quest case file.

Plague god? Hm. The reward is not particularly good, but hey, it could be worse.

But before advancing, another easy one to be finished.

Hm, yeah, why not?

Success, Cultural Theory acquired.

And with that item, another of Tae's quests can be finished.

Oh my.

Oh FUCK YOU, Kyouji. Seriously, what?

Let's see what the quest case file is all about.

Just goin' north there, and the encounter is triggered.
Useless boss video.

Oh come on, it's not a particularly important encounter.

Oh boy. Yakubyou-gami. Giant, long tongued. Ho hum.

Yakubyou-gami: "I shall not die! Fiends forever! Your ritual of Purification is useless! I'll stay in the Capital and spread disasters here forever! I love this place!"

There is not much to be said about this. I really like to use Wind Cutter, and Kagutsuchi just EATS through Yakubyou's life bar.

Like so.

There are also damned zombie officers.

Yakubyou-game: "You're a pesky one, Kuzunoha... That stung a little. But I'll make sure you never finish that Ritual of Purification! I'll stop it with my worst disaster, Judgement!"

Seriously, Wind Cutter is just awesome.

Yakubyou-game: "I'm feeling a little iffy about this all of a sudden..."

Have I mentioned how much I HATE this?

This one is not all that bad, I must say.

Yakubyou-gami: "I'm so unluckyyyy!"

"Who'd have thought the entire Capital could be possessed? I really have to hand it to you, Brian. That was a nice Ritual of Purification."

Hoh, ho ho.



Lame reward though.

Before going back, it is FUSION TIME. What shall be fused? Sieg can be used to make a Lilith, or Taotie himself.

Meanwhile, Black Frost can be recycled into Mikaboshi, Mada, or Arahabaki.

Yup, THAT Mikaboshi, which would be more than slightly underlevelled by now, but still, probably decent fusion fodder for later.

What should be fused?