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Part 113: Infinite Abyss?

Update 113

For starters, a nice little conversation that happened while grinding to acquire the required Locusts.

Angel: "What canst someone from the lower choirs do for thee, brother?"
Metatron: "I've come to pass on the Great Father's will. Heed my words. He dost not smile upon us fighting today. We must sheathe our swordds and pursue the path of peace. "
Angel: "Understood. Father's will shalt be eternal."

That is cute, but counterproductive for the hunt for loyalty. Every bit helps!

After two trips (since the current maximum is 14, and the Mushibito required 15...)
All the contents of this update, actually on video! And so on and so forth

There it goes.

Mushibito: "Iam... going to take them... Tha tisall... right with you? I... willt ake... thel uck locusts. I will... answer... your hope..."

Mushibito: "These... luck locusts..."

Mushibito: "Hon orthem... they die... for your hope... So many... luck locusts... "
>The Mushibito is spinning the glowing object while blowing on it...

Well that certainly had an effect.


"When I was a young'un... Damn, but that's something! He's like a candy maker at the fair!"

Take it... Take... The Pojitrawn Crystal...: ""
>The Mushibito handed Raidou the Pojitrawn Crystal.

Mushibito: "I... Answered... your hope... Iam... hap py... But..."
"Oh, c'mon! Don't be such a stick in the mud! If you got somethin' to say, then out with it!"

Mushibito: "Iama broken... stun ted Mushibito... Wi thout... a place... in thi sworld... I... live on... but Iam without... a future..."

"Whad do you say, Raidou? If you were thyis slug, how would you find a future for yourself? I'll give you a couple of examples. Which would you prefer... Is it better to wait around for the future you want to happen? Or are you the kind of fella who takes his future into his own hand? I know what I'd say... but it's you I'm curious about, Raidou. Which way do you lean?

"I mean, it's your future we're talkin' about! How can a fella not do his part to make it happen?"

"It don't matter none. I ain't got one either. Tsukigata Village ain't for me, and my house is gone... So how 'bout you head on a journey with me? That strike your fancy?"

"I ain't got a plan in mind as for where to go, but yknow what? It's my future... I'll journey as long as it takes!"
Mushibito: "Ooohhh.... "

Mushibito: "He... has... fi nally come... You... truly are... The one... my Lord... pro phesied... Thes avior!"

Wasn't the prophesied one Raidou anyways?

The head Mushibito calls the other assorted freaks around.

Why yes that is actually pretty shocking , I'd say.

"Psst, Raidou... I think things are gettin' a little outta... "Savior", huh? The Tsukigata's rotten son, a savior. Hah. Looks like I'm gonna be busier'n a one-legged man in an ass-kickin' contest once I save Akane... Oh, uh, sorry Raidou. I was just thinkin'... Hey, we got the Pojitrawn Crystal! Let's get to the Infinite Abyss. I'll go gather everyone 'round..."

And so, Dahn takes the initiative.

>Raidou explained the details of how he obtained the Pojitrawn Crystal... The group then headed towards the remains of Tsukigata Mansion, where Abaddon, the Infinite Abyss sat.

And everyone gathers there.

"The Pojitrawn Crystal the Mushibito made for us... We'll get in that Inifinite Abyss for sure with this! You guys've helped me an awful lot, so... Thanks... "
"What's with the aw-shucks attitude? The job's not over... You're going to save Akane, right? "
"... Tae."
"The villagers are theoretically inside Abaddon... They're not in their right minds... "
"I hear you, Nagi. It's going to be a drag... "
"No need to worry, Dahn... I plan to help as much as I can!"
"That's right, Dahn. We're here for you! Right, Narumi?"

Narumi is less than thrilled by that prospect.

"Maybe we should stay out of this."

"Nah, that's not it. Narumi isn't that kinda guy... He wants to make sure Raidou has a free hand in battle... So we don't put ourselves into a dangerous situation. That's what you mean, right?"

"I-I'm sorry, Narumi. I didn't know... "
"Don't worry about it, Nagi. I'm a deep guy."

"But there it is, Raidou. We'l be waiting for your return. I might have nothing better to wager than a middle-aged louse's future... But I'll bet it on you anyways."
"I'm betting on you, too. And I've got a skilled journalist's future to offer! Don't it make your proud? I feel like I should say more than this, but I think I speakfor us all when I say... Thanks. You're always saving us... I got it when I saw you fighting the Apollyon. We owe our everyday lives to the people who fight hard for them in the shadows... Think of this as my thanks. Nice job, Raidou..."

"I'll be rooting for you to come back safely. BUT if you take too long... You and me are through, got it?"

"I wager my own future and Tsukigata Village's on you, Raidou. If anyone can save us, it's a fellow Kuzunoha. My master and I... Both Geirin Kuzunohas support you! It's thanks to you, Raidou, that I feel I've begun the process of maturing. Um... I'm sorry for being so rude when we first met. I was jealous that my Master paid so much attention to you... But now... I think I understand the theory behind his actiona. You provide hope to others... I figured it out as I watched you. But I can't remain a bystander watching the process any longer, so this... Please take it, Raidou."

"Parting isn't an easy thing for me... So please, Raidou... Come back alive..."

"I'm gonna save Akane and the rest of them villagers in the Infinite Abyss."
"I figured you'd say that. Go get 'em, Dahn. And look after our Raidou while you're at it."
"Raidou and Dahn... One each from the Capital and Tsukigata Village... THis dynamic due duels demons without fear! Not only that, but they're a pair of lookers!"

"I'd like to lay Akijiro to rest..."

"Just think on that for a while, Dahn. You and Akane can thank us together."

Well, symbolic support is kind of better than no support at all, I guess.

>Narumi left with Tae and Nagi, carrying Akijiro's body...

Well what could it be?


Oh my, it was the Great Kohryu.

Hm, so no sudden teleportation inside, like the villagers had?

This is kind of silly, isn't it?

But eh, let's see what is there.

A goddamn giant hole, of course.

"Wh-What's that? That's one helluva hole! Well, no matter... It's just what I need. Let's hop in from there."

Dahn is rejected by a black, smoky force field thingie.

>Dahn was pushed back by a heavy presence...

"What was that? It ain't lettin' us through? I felt like... somethin' was messin' me up inside... Man, that was an ugly feeling. Y'think that's this despair we all got inside us? You won't mind if I borrow this, right Raidou?"

Well that certainly had an effect.

"C'mon, Raidou."


Well it seems that Shinado's been broadcasting from inside this thing all the while. Good to know.

"Everyone's in here... Wearing them Shinado masks... All those ugly feelin's weighin' 'em down... It's my fault... I'mm gonna go save the villagers. I started this mess. I need to finish it with my own hands... Like goin' on an apology tour. Come with me, Raidou. I'm gonna need aw itness, y'know? You don't need ot help out... Just be there."

So, he is gonna let himself get killed, like Akijiro?

Well, at least he is taking responsibility for the shit that has happened, late as it may be.


Slightly better, even if it will make the menus slightly less readable.

The opening is still there.

Well this will likely be needed for another Tae quest.

Well it is likely nothing of current importance. FORWARD!

Convenient spot to end this update.