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Part 116: Not safe for work

Update 116

My oh my, there is fusing to be done. Let's get Belial.

Why yes, that is why it was selected!

Lucky Capote is good, even if Belial's luck is not THAT good.

21 luck. So, 21% chance of nulling the damage, I guess.

Belial can be used to make a Shiva or a Vishnu. Those could be useful.

Since the Office is reached, let's see what is available in the Case files.

Hms. Well, considering the previous ones were the Riders, this can be expected to be Kageboushi.

The description does nothing to make one think of something else.

But first: This.

And this.


Also, since it is nearby to where the case file is, visiting Sadakichi is likely a good idea.

Inner voice: "We have another case file for you. I'll forward the details to the Narumi Detective Agency. "

Hms. New stuff to be done. That is a good thing.

Fortunately that one's material was already acquired.

And this one is... Well, not ready just yet.

So let's see what is up in the Tower.

Well, there are two humanoids with Raidou's suit there. It seems they were correct.

But hey, that is not a Kageboushi!
No sir. That is Raido.

Why yes, the same alternate dimension Raidou with the chipped hat and a scar in his face that was seen in the previous game. Huh.

Raido: "Yes... Everything here is identical to the way it is in my world."
"Hey... You think the fake Raidou is...?"

Since the doppelgangers are nowhere near as NOT INSTANTLY AGRESSIVE, the other option is this one.

"Seems that way. That scar on his face... maybe it's face, but..."

Why yes, it is.

"But he looks somewhat the worse for wear... he must have been in a heavy scrap on the other side. "

Raido: "But despite that... I managed to lure the demon into the dimensional rift and trap it there. The blowback knocked me all the way into this world. "
"Heh. Sounds like the way you get to our world is different from the way we got to yours. I guess not everything is exactly alike between the dimensions. Brian, what do you say we return the favor and help Raido get back to his home dimension? First we'll need to..."

Oh boy, something spooked the cat.

It is an old friend.

Oh no.

What could it be?



Mara. In its full glory.
Holy shit.

Even Gouto is impressed.

It is definitely more impressive than in SMT3.

Oh my, on the other hand, it could be worse, Mara could go and finish off Raido. Eh.

Full frontal thrusting against the camera. Mara is nothing if not subtle in its ways.

Mara: "Well, no matter."

Yes. Mara is truly a master of understated wit, and only alluded themes.

Of course.

There is a five minute limit there. It's not too bad.

Mara attacks with Mad Rushes and Cursed Emissions. It is extremely appropriate for it, and undoubtedly tasteful.

Also, Marin Karin.

Mara: "Do you have the stamina to last any longer against my onslaught of thrusts!?"

Mara is weak against Fire. One would think cold would be effective as well, but I'll take whatever works.

And there, I thought it was bad enough when Mishaguji did it.

Mara: "How could this happen!? Can you be that frigid!?"

"Seems this world's Raidou has a leg up on you. But don't sweat it... It means you can be just as strong with a little more training. "

"Well, Brian, let's head over to the Nameless Shrine. We'll need to borrow the Amatsu Kanagi to open the dimensional gate. Tht way, we can send Raidou back to his home dimension. You'll have to use the Ritual of Soul-Sending this time, Brian."

"Raidou and Gouto-douji, we have heard of your tale. Raido Kuzunoha the 14th, who has traveled here from another time and space... Your presence here is a violation. That is why we would like to send you back to where you rightfully belong. To that end, we bestow upon you the Amatsu Kanagi."

"The spell will have the most effect at the Ushigome-gaeri Bridge in Dark Tsukudo-Cho. That bridge connects your reality and the Dark Realm... There, you can create a portal through space-time. Raidou, accompany Raido there."

Time to do so, I guess.

After a very short trip:

Raido: "Come visit my world again sometime and I'll have tea cakes ready for you."

Raido: "Then I suppose I'll leave it to you."

Oh my.

That is still goddamn creepy.

"The dimensional corridor is littered with powerful demons... Let's pray we can make it back safe. You should be careful not to go near it without being well-prepared."

Success! And Mara is obviously gross.