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Part 117: Akarana Corridor

Update 117

Well, let's visit good ol' Raido. He must be getting lonely there.

Huh. Well, yeah, why not?

That never, ever stops being creepy.

That does not look like a direct alternate dimension.


While this is not an alternate world itself, it is where Raido can be found.

Raido: "I'm training here in the Akarana Corridor... It's an excellent site. Do you want to know why? All right. The demons here are extraordinarily strong. I doubt you'd be able to escape from any of them. The stress of time can be intense here, too, so if you're too slow... You'll find soon enough. Just be careful."

That is definitely a high class encounter. Mada is pretty dangerous.

Let's see what happens if one goes over that 2 minutes time limit.

First, the demons get sucked back into the tube automagically.

Then no matter if you killed enemies, you don't get squat.

And last but not least, this.
Ayup. Back to the entrance.

This is a demon wall. It requires a demon with charisma.

So Sandalphon is completely useless.

Fenrir works wonders, though.

And there is the stone.

Speaking of Sandalphon, he is a regular encounter in this area.

And not only is escape voided, also negotiation.

This is a great NPC. See if you can spot all the references!

I shall assume he refers to two picoseconds.

Oh boy, hope again? Bah, at least he is not prattling about luck as well.

Meanwhile, heavy grinding leads to this.

Hell yes.

... The berries?

And Metatron gets Megidolaon set. Of course, I always forget that the demons can only have five active skills set at any given time. So I was running with Tempest and Makakaja. Bah.

Since Megidolaon is technically a combination skill, it cannot be used at the beggining. Let's see how it works.


Tron-like segmenting!

It's not quite 9999 to everything, but it works nicely.

Fusion time!

Vishnu:"I shall slaughter those who would do you harm and arrange a grand opera with their screams!"

I'd say that is a good set of passives.

And while this is going on... Why not have the set?

Shiva:"My bloodthirst is unquenchable..."

Everything must have Growth if it is at all possible.

And the third... Well, it should be special, I think.

And this may or may not be a first.
Mara. Summoned in its full glory.
That proves that Victor's science is superior to the magic of the Cathedral, or whatever the Manikins had.
I mean, seriously.

Of course! It is MARA.

Yeah yeah, go and turn into a goddamn penischariot.

Mara:"The world's changed sicne last I saw it... What're these "flappers" and "dandies" you people keep talking about?"

Since Mara's undoing was stamina in the battle, let's fix that for this one. Too bad the makers lacked Fire Resist. Oh well.

Mara can turn into belphegor. Maybe.

Okay, what?
No, seriously, what? Mara was female?

Reaching the 90's leads to an impassable obstacle.

That. Oh well, not going to the full area where the future Raidou was anymore.

And the farther one goes to the future, the harder the battles become.

At least this is something to be acquired there.

These are herbs from the future!

So let's finish that.

And this, with 8 Rubies.

And this, unfortunately, will have to wait until 13k Loyalty has been acquired.