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Part 12: Chasing Tatsumi

Update 12:

"W-well... Please go through, Mr. Tatsumi"

When in Tatsumi form, there is this command, which makes Raidou brag as if he was Tatsumi. He has ANOTHER function, as we'll see later.

"if you're gonna run, I'd rather you used the street...
Um... Just because it is a bother..."

So now, due to Raidou's new Tatsuminess, the assholes that threw Raidou out are in no position to complain. No sir!

"Unfortunately, we're busy with this investigation.
You're on your own."

"Huh? Oh, my apologies... I take that back. You're the luckiest man in town. You've no need to cheat."

Notice that chicken thing to the right. It is jumping maniacally. It will not be important for a good while, but still.
It kind of reminds me of a very infamous passage from the Sword of Truth series, actually.

Ayup. Not everyone reacts completely to Raidou in Tatsumi's form, just like sending a demon to converse or investigate a person in solo investigation.

This area had not been explored previously, but it's not the current zone we should be exploring.

This is.

"Am I unlucky?
Why! Damnit... How could I be so unlucky!"

"Shake a leg, Brian. We need to find out what he knows about Dahn."

A bit hard to notice, but Raidou has a yellow thing on top of his hat.
Guess what it was?


"Anyway! I guess I am still lucky! Maybe you should send your mom after me instead--She might be a little quicker on the draw!"

"Let's go after Tatsumi, Brian. I need to 'thank him' for that bit of business."

And now he does go to the place we just checked.

Well, it is time to administer hot blooded two fisted justice to the "lucky" man. He has painted himself into a corner now!

"I can't believe it! No consideration for a lady's privacy!"

Ah crap. It couldn't be THAT simple, could it?

Gouto has a point there.

I got a good feeling for this one.

Oh that is bullshit.

That does not sound good.

Oh my.

Yeah, cats do that when someone steps on their tail. Really loud.

Gouto should be fine now! Well, Tatsumi is still there!

Oh what the crap.

Cats can be comfy, though.


And so Tatsumi gets out. AGAIN.

"Have you noticed how Tatsumi always seems to get these lucky breaks, Brian?
It feels like there's more to it than mere good luck.
Anyway, let's pick up the chase. He's shaken us twice now... There won't be a third time."

"It's nothing special. It's just the tune he's always whistling. He whistles it while gambling, during important moments...
Usually, it marks the beggining of one of his winning streaks.
Well, that's just a local legend, I guess. Maybe there's no reason behind his whistling."

The coward. Again!

He will be caught.

Rooftops, eh?

There he is. Literally, no escape now.

"I'm the lucky Tatsumi... How unlicky being chased by a guy like you..."

"Let's take him down to the agency and sweat him for all he knows about Dahn."


Well that was unexpected.

Okay that phonetic spelling makes me think of Lotta Hart from Phoenix Wright.


"Your mom wears so much makeup she looks like a clown!"

And then, another one appears. It's just not Raidou's day, is it?

No reason to lie, I guess.

"We ain't too fond of dogs who sniff around in the wrong yard. Lay off yer search for Dahn."

"Well, guess yew just got no one to curse but yer own bad luck..."

Was Raidou drugged?
Definitely not a good thing.


Well. That was not a good thing.

... What.

What happened.
They were on Mannen-Cho.


Well, shit.

"We have to get out of this spell if we're ever going to catch up to Tatsumi, Brian.
Let's try those masked men first... If we defeat the casters, their spell should be broken.
Give me a moment to write something down, though."

"Let's go and find those no-good masked minions."

Welp. Time to do that, I guess.