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Part 120: Reunion

Update 120

Time to advance, in this case it means going up to the Sphere of Symmetry once again.

There it goes, conveniently placed save point, and a green rift through time-space.
Why would that be there?

Obviously, there is something significant here.

Hm, let's try that.

Neat! A good shortcut between the Sphere of Symmetry and the very beggining of the retina destroying dungeon. Considerably more convenient than what was there in DDS.

Oh boy, a Tea Partier.

Shinado-masked woman: "Ah always thought the village'd be safe so long as we paid the taxes... But everything's gone to hell in a handbasket! Ah hope it all just disappears!"
"Even if it is as bad as you say, don't get reckless, now... It ain't over. That's what I'm here for."
Pojitrawn crystal, then mask shatters, then everything is peachy and the door openS. Yeah, no Psycho Apollyon fight or anything.

Well, yeah?

ShinadoDoppelganger Raidou: "I have warned you three times over. And each time, you defy me. Your will is known... But know this: There are those who, at times... Are beyond salvation."

Following them down leads to this pair of ornate doorways. Ominous!
Also, Akane. Dahn has reached his goal! Now let's see what is going to happen there.

Akane has a mask there, but is not reacting all that negatively towards Dahn. That is kind of an anomaly. On the other hand, her status as sacrifice might confer her some unique exceptions? Eh, it does not matter, she has a Shinado mask, and thus shall be exposed to the Pojitrawn crystal like everyone else.
Hm, I wonder what would happen if the DoppleRaidou was exposed?

"That's right... Your bro's here to save you. C'mon, lemme see that pretty face of yours."
Akane:"I don't want to show my face, but... If I do, will you forgive me? No one will be angry at me if I patiently accept, right?"
"I'm sorry Akane. I put you through a lot of pain. Here... I'll give you this. The Pojitrawn Crystal..."

Well, there it goes, Dahn did it.

Oh, what? It did not work? Damnation, this must be the exception that breaks the rule, as they say!

Yeah, Dahn was clearly overconfident towards the powers of the crystal.

And that is something new! Sparklies! What does this mean?

IT MEANS THAT DAHN IS A GODDAMN IDIOT and broke it. Maybe he tried to use it too fast and it just broke down, as if he was stabbing something with it.
Who knows how brittle concentrated luck is supposed to be?

"Wh-What's going on here, Raidou!?"
Akane: "Brother... I know the truth... The hope you held was created by Raidou."

Well that is kind of out of character for Akane to day, since she was apparently the meek, submissive, fate accepting kind. Hell, wasn't Dahn's point "I am going to build my own future for myself!" and Akane's "I will quietly accept whatever is in store for me."?

"Alright then... This time it won't be a crutch someone else made for me... I'll give you my own hope. Take it, Akane... C'mere, Taromaru!"

Unless Dahn has pokeballs, I don't know how where the hell he is getting those things from.

"Taromaru... I need you to do somethin' for me... Take all of my luck, got it? And then... give it to Akane. "

Dahn not only controls giant bugs with whistles, no sir, he can also understand their language! He truly is a good pkemon train insect controlling ninja.

"He'll see that when push comes to shove, a Fukoshi gets things done. You and me, Taromaru! Don't hold back now, okay? Do it in one strike..."

That doesn't sound like a pleasant experience.

And there it is, Dahn's concentrated luck.
That can't be a lot, can it? I mean, it took 15 luck locusts to make the small pojitrawn crystal and all.


Oh boy, Taromaru is gonna eat it all, rendering Dahn's sacrifice totally meaningless and useless?

Of course not!

Hah, the Crystal was just all out of juice! It just needed a refill.

"It's so warm... This is the luck I'm givin' you... All the hope I have left... It's yours, Akane."

And this time, it worked.

>The shinado mask disappeared from Akane's face.
"Raidou?... Dahn!? Dahn!"

Aw, a hug.
Well, he just became the unluckiest person in the room, and she is her only family now. Ninjas are allowed to hug in those situations, I guess.

"I-it hurts... Dahn... hey... Dahn? Raidou and Taromaru are watching..."

Dahn sends Taromaru to... wherever the hell he stores them. Pokeballs, probably.

That does not make Raidou not stare at them, though.

Hm. Likely a good idea.


Which one should be passed through, the left one, the right one, or SHOULD WE GO BACK and do more goddamn case files?