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Part 121: Mot is the prince of darkness! Or something.

Update 121

Very well, let's get that done.

A rather easy way to get this done is to actually DOWNGRADE a higher level Pyro than Gdon, with an Aquans.
Why? Aquans gets the Ice Resist (and further loyalty grind).

Let's get first a Throne.

And there it goes.

Skills and passives do not matter, except for Ice Resist, so there it goes. Gdon is now perfect, no weaknessess.

And of course, when grinding for Loyalty, Susano gets a pack of cigarettes. Yes.

Done. Tamura got his goddamn reinforcements.

This is for yet another case file, a Feng Huang with Vengeance Seal. Yoshitsune gets that, so there it goes. All that is needed is a bit of loyalty, and blam, DONE.

There it goes.

And this is a success. Vengeance Seal doesn't seem like a very useful thing for a spy, but eh, whatever works for him!

This one is even easier. It's just a question of summoning the already registered Atavaka.

30 vit should cover that nicely, even if most of it is due to bonuses.

Hooray, it did not have to be NATURAL, basic vitality. Done and done and done.

Now let's get something from Tsunatsugu.

Tsunatsugu: "A demon in the Dark Realm tipped me to a little-known phenomenon that can connect this world and the next. It sounds a little shaky to me, but I can't ignore it. I'll look into it a little more to see if anything pans out. If this doesn't work, I may need your help again. I'll submit another case file if that happens. In case I need your help... Thanks in advance."

Tsunatsugu's inner voice: "No use in crying over spilt milk. I have to do whatever I can."

Oooh this sounds auspicious.

Well, we've been in contact with another world in several locations, but there is one that has been used as a conduit between the regular world and another dimension several times.
Not the bridge, since the connection to the Akarana Corridor is in the Dark world, so not there.
The Nameless Shrine is also probably not the target since that one is under control of the forces of the Yatagarasu.
So, that leaves pretty much only one area where there's been contact with another world.
Actually, an UNDERWORLD.

That's right! The Catholic Church. Conveniently used by someone who can be called the Prince of Darkness, though he is already quite born and active in the world. Well, not exactly DIRECTLY active, but being a dick still.

Blonde young man: "Such a beautiful, haunting melody... Like music originating from the lowest level of Hell..."
Yeah, I wouldn't call such music beautiful, I guess. I mean, it cannot be exactly pleasant if it comes from there, can it? At least haunting is likely an appropriate descriptor of such possible music. Eh.

There is nothing there, though.
Let's use Vishnu's useful light up/inspect function.


Gouto: "That smell... That's the smell of the Dark Realm. So the story that our reality is connected to the netherworld was on the up-and-up after all... !"

A Lady zombie?

And then it kills itself.

Oh boy, a bunch of zombies and an Ukobach, how can I ever pass this impossible battle?


Metatron and Susano deal with the shitty enemies easily.

Susano's "Hey hey hey" is quite amusing.

Eventually, Gozuki, Mezuki and Selket also join the ranks of "easily dispatched enemies that just prolong the inevitable". There is not much to be said for them other than they are annoying. On the other hand, Raidou there is QUITE overpowered, and Metaron is just aa goddamn beast.

A bunch of Ikusas as well, but screw dealing with them the regular way.
No. They ate a Megidolaon.

Immediately after beating the Ikusas, THE PRINCE OF DARKNESS appears. It is Mot. That is kind of underwhelming, with such a buildup, Beelzebub would've been better.

mot: "And I emerged in... Oh. I'm still in the Dark Realm. Hm? Is that a human over there? Let me guess... You've come to sign up as my slave, right? This world and the world beyond will soon join. The boundary between life and death will be no more... So you haven't come to shed your mortal coil and attain eternal life?"

Mot: "Tch... a devil summoner, hmm? Then I'll have to get rid of you immediately!"

Well, let's beat Mot with ANOTHER Mot. Clearly, the best way to beat Mot would be to just use electricity. Eh, nah.

Mot commands Almighty spells, not quite the Megidolaon, but it does hurt a bunch, so it has to be avoided.

Then it is time for PAYBACK for the Megidos, a single Megidolaon, which cannot be blocked, avoided or resisted. Eat that, you coffin-clad... thing.

Mot: "The connection between this world and the next is... It's disappearing!"

Yes, yes it is. And that was with a single Megidolaon.


Gouto: "Let's go back to Tsunatsugu later and tell him. Good work, Raidou. Case closed for now."

Excellent, another sword for the collection.

Blonde young man: "There's something I wanted to tell you in this event. It's what your type could call... A stroke of luck? I've sent a case file over to the detective agency. Please review it at your earliest convenienve. "

Nothing better to do so let's kill that last Rider.

Back again.

Blonde young man: "It seems that you and I meeting here has been a spark for something else."

Yeah yeah, get on with it.

I said so. Let's hurry up! There's no time!

Yeah old news.

Pale Rider: "Though time may separate us, I shall fight you. Entertain me until the fourth seal is broken..."

Yeah, just going to cheese this up. No need to capture a video.
It takes over two thirds of his life bar, triggering his conversations.

Ayup! That's how strong the thing is.

And then two extra pale riders appear. Surprisingly they eat more than ONE megidolaon.

Which is strange, but hey, in the end, they did not survive two in a row.

Pale Rider: "I begin to see why he has such an interest in you."

Success! And that finishes up the 8th Case Files. With only 9? Okay. That works.

The seventh will have to wait a bit, since it requires another Persian Vase, and we are carrying only one of those.

Next: A couple more Case Files AND/Or advancement. Maybe.