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by Luisfe

Part 122: Crossroads

Extra short update today, because it is time to vote for a choice in the end!

Back to the eye searing dungeon, but it could be worse, it could be traversing the entire thing AGAIN. Fortunately, this time the Dimensional Rift is active, so one can just gofrom the very start of it to the pair of doors that were seen.

Just like that, fast, easy and convenient. Dahn and Akane are hugging there in front of Raidou, let's see what's up with them.

>Dahn's eyes are closed as he hugs Akane... You can see a sparkle from his clenched eyelids.
"Let's leave these two alone... We'll pass through the gate and head for Shinado."

There are two of them, and that means there is something to be chosen. In this case, either left or right, does not matter much.

But right there is a mysterious voice. It is not the first time a SMT title does something like this.

Very well. Let's see what is that all about.

No other option is really available if we want to advance.

This is a new room, an Illusionary Space. Questions shall be asked, and the answers given will decide Raidou's Path.
Obviously, that means A BUNCH OF CHAOS VS LAW questions.
This is the first of those.

Yes, let us do that, after all, no way to go back from here.

Voice from the Heavens: "But the demon is obviously inferior in abilities and would prove nothing but an encumbrance. What would you do?"

Oh boy!

So what alignment should Raidou be for this first attempt?
Note: All three will be shown, but I need to know which should be the very first one.