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Part 123: Chaos Path Locked

Update 123

Well, yeah, if that is what it takes to continue surviving and thriving, yeah.


And then there is a new platform. Let's see what the questions are:

Voice from the heavens:"I see. So that is your choice... We move on to the nextquestion.
You are granted divine protection and become a savior to the people, gaining their support.
However, the god is simply using you. You eventually learn the truth and consider your situation. If you continue to be a tool of the god, you will keep your status as the people's savior... Though you would give up your free will. On the other hand, if you break free, you will lose the god's protection and become a normal man. On top of which, you would forever be knwon as a traitor. Which woulkd you pick?"

Well, this time we are doing the Chaos path, so to the left it is.

Options there, which is nice, but we don't need to reconsider. Not at all, the path is set, so all the way to the left.

Voice from the heavens:"A friend introduces a woman to you as a potential girlfriend. But the woman is neither attractive nor is she your type. However, if you refuse, you will be spitting on your friend's good intentions. How would you answer?"

Nope. This Raidou is not willing to wait for that to happen, or even to give such a chance!


Voice from the heavens:"One of your demons has been with you through thick and thin, but a powerful enemy stands before you. There is no way to defeat the enemy but to eat your demon and gain its strength. As things stand, both you and the demon will be defeated... And all those you love will face certain death at the enemy's hand. Would you eat your demon?"

So now Raidou is an Asura from DDS as well? In any case, this is a no brainer. If that was the ONLY choice, and not eating the loyal demon caused the death of Raidou and his loved ones, then the chaos path is the only sensible one. Refusing to eat the demon would be stupid, counterproductive, and hurt more than the option would hurt.
On the other hand, maybe eating the demon would make Raidou lose his humanity, like the chaos hero from SMT1 did.

Fuck off, Right mask.

Voice from the heavens:"You will return to the Gate of the Abyss and gain access to the path beyond the gate. There, you will learn the truth of your way of life."

There it goes, the choice was made.

That was not directed at Raidou. There is someone else coming.

Three guesses who it was. Thefirst two don't count.


Dahn is understandably not particularly thrilled to see him.

"The Apollyons from the Gate to the Abysmal Realm did not acknowledge you as their master. Because of the actions you took to open the Gate, the future you had worked so hard to shape... well, it was rather different from what you hoped for, wasn't it? Faced with this truth, you despair again."

Blond dude: Professional troll!

"The relief in your beloved sister's eyes is quite evident. That, Dahn, is the new future you have built."

"I made it this far 'cause he stuck by me. "

"Dahn was able to take action and shape his future.... Because you, Brian Blessed, served as his spark... Then I must ask you, Brian Blessed... It's possible you haven't noticed. But it seems your actions are acting as a spark for hope in the people around you... You are Brian Blessed. Yet at the same time, you are Raidou Kuzunoha. So tell me... When I speak of "your" actions.... Whose actions are they? Are they those of Raidou Kuzunoha? The Devil Summoner sent by a certain organization to protect the populace from demons? Or are they those of Brian Blessed... A man who, seeing this sorry spectacle, found his passion for justice flaring brightly?"

Raidou doesn't do his thing because he is told to. He does it because it is what HE wants to do. He is not a hero due to a sense of duty towards the Yatagarasu. He utilizes the Yatagarasu's resources, but he does it because it is what he WANTS to do.

"You act in accordance with your own principles... Those of Brian Blessed... Very well. Until this moment, you have been reacting to the sparks that determined your way of life... You have responded, each to each, by your actions. I have borne witness to these actions... I feel I have a sound understanding of the manner of person you are, Brian Blessed. I believe... You are true to your feelings, and as a result, you tend to make enemies of those around you... But that is the way you live."

That is not exactly the best compliment Raidou could have been given, but since Dahn really is a impulsive chaos asshole, it fits this playthrough.

"You have already shown the Gate your way of life. The spark required to progress is prepared. Shinado is beyond here. You must put in practice your chosen way of life to overcome Shinado. That, above all else, will be your action that provicdes hope for the people."

Since that is done, it is time to advance properly.

Face:"You who accept yourself as is: You must pass through here."

Convenientlly, a save spot!

And one of those annoying demon-only gates. The requirement is strength of 30 or more. Susano is used to pass through.

And literally right around the corner there is the source of it.

But Susano got lost while doing it. Annoying, that.

Going back through the Law door is impossible.

And then Susano comes back. Bah.

Sure, yeah, whatever. Back to the tube with you.

AND THEN, a surprise!

Goddamn angel out of nowhere!

Even with the lowered brightness, this dungeon is definitely an eyesore.

Oh, there it is. Whatever that is.

Camael: "I have been watching your actions from the heavens above. And I had thought that I would continue to be content with watching... But what has become of your way of living? You have such power, yet you follow your desires wherever they take you. your mindset is worryingly similar to that of Dahn Tsukigata's. Your existence poses a danger to my Lord... And though He may forgive all, I can never forgive you. I shall thus purge you in the name of my Lord!"

Big words.

Of course. Otherwise it's no fun!

Counterpoint: Megidolaon.

Like so.

That does not stop being satisfying. But spamming it would not be quite fun. Or fair. On the other hand, Camael is facing the goddamn Voice. Fair is not exactly there, is it?

And it ain't doing shit.

No, it is not. It definitely is not. I mean, Raidou has been killing and enslaving angels for quite some time now.

That's not the nicest thing Raidou has been called.
Or the worst, for that matter.

Screw you, Angel dude. Screw you.

Camael: "Know that you have earned my enmity... for the rest of eternity..."


Oooh, who could it be? More pathetic "boss" encounters?

Voice:"Now... Come this way."
>The voice beckoned to Raidou...

Very well, let's see who it is that is calling Raidou.

Oh. It is Astaroth. It's been a while since we've seen him. Her? It?

Astaroth:"I, Astaroth, have come to meet you. I won't take much of your time, but please hear my words. You are quite spectacular. Not only did you defeat Camael... But you also live your life according to your heart's desire. I am certain His Excellency would approve. I would very much like to be of assistance to your way of life. Please, take this. "

Why does Astaroth want to give Raidou cancer?

Now that's more like it.

Hell yes, new minion.

And thus, with no further obstacles, it is time to move forward. To go ahead. Try to detect it, it's not too late.

Break your momma's back.

Oh. Goddamnit.