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Part 124: Rebeating goddamn riders.

Update 124

Well, let's get past this area. Hopefully this will be relatively painless.

That's a bunch of sealed doors.

Unfortunately, Astaroth has a pretty lame skillset. I mean, Winged Fury? Bah, Thunder Stab? Not exactly the best thing.
Thunderbolt? That ain't bad, but it is not Wind Cutter.

Jesus christ, Kudan is creepy as hell.

Seriously. It is pretty damn disturbing.

The thing is, the pathways are invisible until you get near to them. It is kind of annoying, but at least it is not TELEPORTY.

When the blue flames are touched, this is what happens.

A rider!

Voice: "If you will contine to forge ahead... I must show you continued suffering until you cease your advances. If you will continue to forge ahead... Hear the melody that calls forth calamity! "
>The sound of an eerie trumpet echoes throughout the area...

Oh my, we haven't seen this dude in a long while.

Tatsumi: "Brings back memories... Mannen-Cho, right? The insect cage had started to shne... And before I know it, here I am! Can't leave, can't go anywhere... Here in Abaddon, the Infinite Abyss... Wh-Why...? Why am I-I going through all this...!? When I let the Luck Locust eat those other guys' luck, I was king of the hill! Luckiest guy in town... And then... you came along!"

Tatsumi: "Protector of the people, my ass! "

>a voice filled with anger can be heard from the Shinado mask...

Voice filled with anger: "Do you see it? Do you hear it? This human's anguish... his despair! All the actions you have taken for the people's sake are meaningless. Learn well that man's salvation lies in the destruction of his future! See, Brian Blessed... This Infinite Abyss has responded to the people's despair... It has created a Fiend that now stands in your way... As if in response to the troublesome actions you insist on performing! These actions of yours... attempting to show people a future... Will they be worthy to defeat this Fiend? Show me, Brian Blessed!"

Repeat Shinado's spiel four times, one for each of the Fiends. Bah.

White Rider: "They will blanket this world!"

From there it is pretty much the same as it was the last time, except with slightly less cheesing.

Once the Fiend is defeated, this event continues to happen.

Tatsumi: "I... I get it now... Lucky, Unlucky, it's all just... It's just the outcome of my actions, huh? My future..."

Tatsumi: "You showed me the truth... Thanks, Brian Blessed."

This is also repeated verbatim four times.

Shinado: "Brian Blessed... You may have defeated the Fiend... The manifestation of misfortune.... But your actions have no meaning. Suffering follows all actions in this world... I warn you again. If you take heed this time, I will let you free... Abandon the mantle of "Raidou"... Cease these fruitless actions..."

Screw you, Shinado. No one is gonna listen to you.

The door opens when the condition is met. Each door is closed until you beat the FIEND.

And then you just get to advance with other goddamn invisible pathways.

Oh my, it is Akijiro.

Akijiro: "As the chief of Tsukigata Village... and the head of the 8th Fukishi Clan... I used what little intelligence I had... I worked myself to the bone... For the future of my village... For everyone in it... I tried hard, and yet... Those same villagers murdered me... Hm? What's going on? You know... Maybe it was getting involved with an outsider that was the spark, hmm? Well, Raidou? Maybe my luck ran out when I met you... Despite it being a Devil Summoner's duty to protect the people.... "

No, he died because he let himself get killed.

Voice filled with anger: "Do you see it? Do you hear it? This human's anguish... his despair...!"
Blah blah blah meaninglessness, etc. Shut the hell up, Shinado!

It is Red Rider's turn.

Yes, it will. Especially since it is time for CHEESE. Megidolaon and so on.

Red Rider: "They will blanket this world!"

Yeah, fuck you.

Akijiro: "I wasn't the only one responsible for the future of Tsukigata... What happened was the result of everyone's actions... That is the villge's future... and mine... Straining so hard all on my own was just me being bull-headed.... I'm sorry. You made me realize that... Thanks, Brian Blessed... "

Same goddamn speech. He just won't shut up about it. It did not work last time, it won't work this time either.

Then yet another one.

Well, this is slightly different. An Old one? Hm.

Old One: "We... must eat... Tsukigataaaa... hu mans... tosur vive!"

Old One: "Now then... I think I... willt ake a look... Are the... hu mans... wor king hard... for Lord Tento...? Ggghgghggh..."

Mushibito: "We... Are all... just... Mushibito... Broken, stun ted... Mushibito...! Ahh... The hopes... of... our friends.... The hopes... of... "Ma"... Mushibito... ma kingth emselves... gods... daring tot reat... hu mans cuelly?"

Mushibito: "Is hope... painf ul?"

Blahblahblah new fiend, etc.

Oh boy.

Black Rider: "They will blanket this world!"
Etc, it ate two or three Megidolaons.
And then there it goes.

Old One: "Ma in... thes ky is... watch... ing you... When... thes ky... is... pierced... right through... "

Old One: "Ahh... Great Ma... I want... to sleep... By your... bosom..."

Mushibito: "Th-That's right... We... have... the Great Ma... Hope... E-Even... broken, stun ted creatures like... the Mushibito...! Hope... gives us... thep ower... tol ive... Hope... is so... warm... Brian Blessed..."

God damn it, shut up, Shinado. Raidou is not going to stop being Raidou.


Yet another flame.

Getting pretty old by now.

Well, that is pretty unexpected.

"Hey... have I tould you this before? Well, hear me out anyway, okay? I hate that being a woman puts me at a disadvantage in society. So rather than moon around and plan out my marriage, I've been working as hard as any man out there! But in the end, this is still a male-dominated society. "A woman's place is in the kitchen," right? No matter how much a gal like me puts into her job... People look at me like some kind of freak... "

"And no one's doing better for himself than the guy who protects the entire Capital, Brian Blessed! You're the spark of this injustice! You make me sore just standing in my sight! "

Woo, yet another Rider.

Pale Rider: "They will blanket this world!"

Insert around 4 Megidolaons.

"I guess... If society won't change on its own, it's up to me to change it, huh!? "In the beggining, woman was the sun," after all. Women will have their day, mark my words! I'll become the spark for the women's revolution... Just you wait, men of the world! "

This only happens if you have a bunch of Tae Stickers.

Yup, Case Files work for that.

No! It was just completionism!

Oh my! Something in exchange for case files!


Huh. Well, that was unexpected.

Oh well.

"But if I have time to complain, I have time to take action, right? You made me realize that... Thank you, Brian Blessed..."

Very annoying.

And thus, the last door opens.


Huh, a last flame.
Who could it be for?